Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bringing Small Comforts ~ YumYum good

When it comes to sending comfort, can there be anything better than homemade Chicken Soup? Soup made with love and then shipped to a doorstep anywhere in the United States? Is this a yum yum good idea or what? When I ran across the website Spoonful of Comfort I just knew this was a brilliant idea for friends and family looking to send long-distance comfort. How you send love and concern long-distance was a very personal question for Spoonful of Comfort founder Marti Wymer. As a transplanted Canadian living in Florida, Marti cooked up this delicious concept when her Canadian mother passed way shortly after being diagnosed with cancer as a way to send something more personal than flowers or a fruit basket. So my question was........do you ship to Canada too? Not yet, but soon they hope as they work out those pesky food issues the border seems to dwell on. I will Canadian readers keep posted.

A 64 oz. jar (4-6 servings) is $32.00 plus shipping and you do have the option of ordering multiple jars and adding homemade rolls or oatmeal raisin cookies in 1/2 dozen sizes for $6.00. The soup is all homemade, full of all those good nutrients and hydration that is so essential to recuperation. The fresh soup is packed with love and good wishes in an insulated liner with gel packs and recipients are instructed to use within 2-3 days. Wholesome comfort sent right to their doorstep.

Speaking of yummy soup................you might want to check out the Soup on Sunday series that style blogger Ronda Carman of the blog All The Best has been posting over the last few weeks. Her warm and cosy soup series has me digging out the soup pot and scaling back our Sunday dinners to a one bowl feast. Not just me, her readers are urging her to write a soup cookbook and it just might happen. I just happen to think Ronda's soup sketch could make for a clever cookbook cover.

Sunday Menu........Ronda Carman's Tortellini Parmesan Soup. Click here for her recipe.

1st and 2nd photo from Spoonful of Comfort.com/3rd and 4th photo from blag All the Best


  1. what an awesome idea! beautifully packaged, too!

  2. Soup is my favorite food on the planet...with a little chocolate after:)


  3. That is just the BEST idea, I love it. Wish we had something like that over here.

    I'm so over to Ronda's, sounds great...I laughed at the sketch...300 gallons...soup party :o

  4. I think homemade soup and/or comfort food is one of the nicest gifts. I try and do that for my friends - of course, I never wrap it as beautifully as I should, but I'm learning from you my friend!

  5. There is something about soup, when nothing else sounds good, soup always does, this is a great idea. I have a son away at school and there has been times he has had the flu and I wanted to do something like this, now I have an option, thankyou for always bringing us such special ideas,Kathysue

  6. Dear Sande,
    Comfort food... How did you know I SO badly needed this tonight? Your post warms me and made me cry... My friend, you knew I needed it more than I. Thank you.
    Love you!

  7. Comfort in a jar - great idea! It is especially good when you can't be near some one who needs a little love!

  8. thanks for finding this company. great idea, so much better than the usual! plus, don't you love supporting small women owned businesses?

  9. Enjoyed your posting....... there's nothing like soup simmering on the back of the stove. And these links look so inviting. Thanks for sharing the comfort.

  10. Oooh yummy Sande! you have got my taste bud's going, there is nothing like homemade soup! I will definetly be writting down the soup recipe, thanks so much :)

  11. What a delicious idea, Sande.
    There is nothing nicer or more comforting than chicken soup, and if someone else has made it, even better!!
    If we know of anyone who is going through illness, it's usual not to want to eat, but, somehow, you can manage a bowl of soup.
    Brilliant idea for many situations. XXXX

  12. I love this ideal! I am going to have ababy April 28th 2010, and I would love to have this sitting on my door stop when I get home! This is an awesome ideal!! Every detail melts my heart!!! Check out my blog when you have the time, I am going to sign up to receive yours daily, if I am asked about gift choices for my baby shower yours will be on my top list!! Once the economy gets better you will be rich, this awesome!!!! Can I do a story about your business on my blog!!

  13. With all the big snowfalls I think we're all longing for a big pot of something warm and comforting. The packaging just makes me want to say, 'Ahhhhh'.


  14. Now this is brilliant!

    What a sweet, not to mention delicious, concept...I can think of several occasions where this would have been such a great little gift.

    So glad you shared, Sandi, do keep us posted :)

  15. I made chicken and rice soup this week! It's the best comfort food. The packaging on this soup is really lovely.

    p.s. I'm a newbie to your site. It's lovely and I look forward to reading some more.

  16. The be-ribboned and lovely-labeled jar of homemade soup is a wonderful gift to share with neighbors and friends during this snowy season. I recently made a huge pot of White Bean Soup, recipe courtesy of Williams-Sonoma.
    Delicious, it is!

  17. What a great idea!
    One could also make their own and package it up and bring it over to their friend's house with the other accompaniments like bread and cookies for dessert! I love this idea.
    Soup is always loved and speaking of soup... I'm headed over to Ronda's right now!!!
    ~xo always


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