Friday, December 16, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza............. the Subdued

Subdued and elegant palette from Better Homes & GardensWhat a ribbon display! 

Artistic application in method and unique embellishments make for a striking presentation from Shimtokk. Love the sequined tulle in gold. 

This might not actually be holiday but it could but it sure works well with this elegant palette. Perhaps a sprig of mistletoe or a pretty fresh flower. BHG. 

More vintage lovely from Heather Bullard

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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 Humble Kraft Paper

Photos linked at source.


  1. I'm loving this post series! So many ideas to pick from...and I vowed not to buy any more wrapping paper and ribbon ;-)

  2. Love these subtly wrapped packages. The third one is so lovely - I could see that used all year round. It would make for a beautiful wedding package too. Hope this finds you well. Happy Holidays! Michele

  3. Hi, more fabulous gift wrapping ideas, have a lovely weekend.x

  4. I always appreciate people who don't follow traditional Christmas colors. These muted colors are beautiful and I love the vintage millinery! Mistletoe on a package sounds fun. I actually have some in my backyard-that's a plus!


  5. These are so beautiful, and I love the idea of a sprig of mistletoe...gorgeous!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  6. All just spectacular, love the subdued with just a touch of greenery!


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