Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pink Gift Wrap posssibilities........on Saturday morning

Sparkly gold tinsel and pink yarn gifts from a most gorgeous party found here.......or a huge pink sheer pom pom which you can make yourself. This link is for pom poms from waxed paper but you can use any material you wish. Wouldn't this huge Pom Pom be beautiful as a gift topper? Maybe all three tinsel, yarn and pom pom together? Call a friend over and make a Pom Pom night of wrapping fun together. 

Top photo by Joielala Photographie for Sitting In A Tree Events/Bottom Photo from Tumblr


  1. Sande, so fun!!
    Merry Christmas♥

  2. Wayyyy back in those mod-days, my parents one Christmas decorated their white flocked tree with handmade hot pink paper pom poms. They added white doves and dad also flocked a french horn and a baritone to make a wreath for our fireplace mantel. Looking back now they seemed so hip!! Christmas was never like the previous one. Always something new to be tried. Your post brought back those great memories. Thank you Sande. Pom poms look just a great today. Have a good..good weekend.

    xx Deb

  3. Love the Pom Pom. I'll see if I have time to do this! See you at the party on Tuesday, darling Sande.

  4. It looks like Deb had the same idea when she saw this pink pom pom. I was also imagining poms on a Christmas tree. And yes, a pom on a gift would be quite cheerful.

    I hope you are staying warm and cozy this weekend-it's a very dreary and cold day here.


  5. So pretty, Sande....using a lot of tulle but never thought of making a pom pom...have a wonderful week~

  6. The wrapping is
    always my favorite
    part of gift-giving
    and how delightful
    it would be to share
    that fun by hosting
    a wrapping party?
    The combination of
    pink and gold with
    the kraft paper is
    so pretty, Sandi!
    Hope your week is
    off to a wonderful

    xx Suzanne

  7. This pink lapel pom pom is super fancy!

  8. beautiful! will definitely be keeping these in mind for the holiday season :)

    xx Kathryn


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