Thursday, December 1, 2011

Red Satin Ribbon and Gold Stripes

If you have beautiful red can gift wrap anything beautifully. Red ribbon is the classic of them all anytime of year, but it is during the holidays that it shows it's festive and vibrant power. The wider the better, be lavish with it and make great big bows. Red satin ribbon here and here, and plain white gift boxes here

I especially like red ribbon with this gilded stripe gift wrap paper for a classic and elegant Kate Spadish presentation. 

Isn't gift wrapping fun?

Photos via Tumblr


  1. Gift wrapping is SO fun! Yes ... I love it!!!

  2. Oooh, I love that gold and white striped paper-I could have lots of fun with that!


  3. My daughter and I went to our Houston wholesale Christmas place last weekend. We could have spent $100's on gift wrapping paper & ribbon. But I told her about your kraft paper post, and she died right then...leopard ribbon, bandanna ribbon, red ribbon, it all looked perfect. We bought an entire large bolt of paper for $40 (it will last a lifetime). Happy Holidays, Sande....

  4. Sande, the red ribbon, so classic and I also love the gilded gold and white striped paper!

    Art by Karena

  5. there is nothing pretty than a double face satin ribbon, it loops so beautifully!! Happy Wrapping,

  6. l love the combination of the gold and white striped paper with wide red ribbon. You are such an inspiration with your gorgeous ideas Sande !

  7. Sande,

    I've hand tied red grosgrain ribbon into bows on my Christmas tree every year I've been married (26 yrs.) and hung red puffed hearts below each bow. It really makes for a stunning symbol. I use red bows a lot to decorate during the holidays including my outdoor decorations. It is a wonderful accessory to use everywhere you get a chance to.


  8. Love that paper... Thank you for the inspiration Sande... I might be able to find something similar I hope... xv

  9. How gorgeous Sande! I love this timeless look.

    In my family the red ribbons have a special place at Christmas. Every night on the 23rd December since I was little, my mother walks around the house and ties red satin ribbons on all the candles. So when we wake up on Christmas morning the house feels tied in a big bow of love.
    Those red ribbons will for ever more be an instant reminder of my mother and those magical nights right before Christmas.

    xx Charlotta

  10. The gold and white striped paper is so timeless and you can have a lot of fun with the ribbons and all the fun trimmings!!

  11. Yes, classic and elegant were exactly the two words that came to my mind! Love that gorgeous paper. xoxo

  12. I'm going moroccan with wrapping this year, and my ribbons are pink!

  13. Yes it is fun, but I always love to pop over here to see what glam creation you have in store!

  14. Gorgeous elegant paper, and the red ribbon says la joie de vie. Thanks so much for visiting and your lovely comment, Sande. It's beautiful here at your place {and I've just been playing with the magazine view ~ gosh, how amazing ~ thank you for introducing me to it!} Bon weekend...

  15. I love simplicity! I love seeing your elegant creations too!

  16. So beautiful, Sande... I have some ribbons and such picked out already, but the paper is somewhat of a mystery—you never fail to inspire... I only hope to create gifts half as beautiful as what you do!



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