Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Gifted Greeting Card

Our big holiday dinner is pushed up a week since we are flying out on the 24th for a vacation so I am busy making pastry, carrot cakes, and wondering where I lost a week. Does everyone feel like that? I am hoping to fit in a few moments to make this gifted card..............it just strikes me as absolutely perfect. It is a stylish way to use up small bits of wrapping paper. 


  1. I have lost weeks and weeks Sande... But I have decided to go with the flow and not worry... Cards... I need gifts before I can write cards... Note to me... finish shopping!! xv

  2. Love it!
    I know that everything will be perfect.

  3. Funny, I too feel like I've lost a week somewhere - must be this time of the year ;-) That card is such a sweet idea, really nice. Hope you get everything done on time and will have the time to relax and enjoy it all. Love from London xo

  4. Oh yes, but you definitely need to make time for the card...it's fabulous!!

  5. OH YUM - carrot cake - my favorite!! I am with Vicki - SO far behind - this last week is going to be a marathon!!

  6. The card is perfect...I know for everything is out of control...can't imagine having to organize and pack for a trip!! You'll get it done. Did you ever hear the expression..."How do you eat an elephant?....One bite at a time." That's all we can do. Best wishes, Shari

  7. Same...all of the sudden,it's here. It's all here!
    Carrot cake, yay!

    Merry Merry and good luck with it all!

  8. That is so sweet! Adorable! Happy baking and travels! Missed you!


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