Tuesday, December 6, 2011

By Invitation...................all sparkly and bright

If a group of woman bloggers were actually able to get together for a big holiday party, what would we wear? That was the fashionable question this month for the international group of bloggers who are participating today in the By Invitation Only series. Last month had me dreaming of seeing the world from up above, this month I am dressed to the nines, being all silly and full of bubbly. And since it's all in good festive fun, I put some feathers and ribbon in my hair. It's a holiday party after all......................all Sparkly and Bright.

And what would I bring as a Hostess Gift? 
I am a really good guest after all. Really good. 

Black gloss gift wrap, damask embossed wide ribbon, one feather hair scrunchie, one crystal stretch bracelet perfect for small and special gift boxes, a bit of satin ribbon binding.

My hostess gift................wrapped all sparkly and bright.

See what the other festive party girls are wearing here

Photos from Tumblr/Bottom photo by Sande Chase


  1. Loving these photographs darling - thank you for sharing.

    Eda ♥


  2. With one photograph you absolutely nailed it...the spirit of our group coming together for a fantasy evening during the Christmas holidays. Sande, "nobody does it better." You would be one of my most favorite people on this planet if we were to meet, I just know it. And, thanks for the hair band tip on the little gift boxes...I would never have thought of this. I love Tina for being such a sport and hostessing our party, and I'm sending best wishes for the happiest holiday season EVER !!!

  3. Looking good Sande and just perfect for the Christmas party of the year......and it will be your present that outshines all of ours !!
    See you at the party. XXXX

  4. With such a beautiful gift, I think it will remain that way forever and ever..wrapped up as it was orignally given. Too beautiful to open.
    Love the idea of feathers, ribbons and sparkles....its all about a fantasy and bringing it to life.....thanks for coming!

  5. Love this theme.
    As always, you have created a masterpiece, Sande. Beautiful.

  6. Who needs a gift? The wrapping alone is a gift!

  7. A gift from you is always a treat even before it's unwrapped!
    You have perfected the art of re-gifting beautiful boxes, ribbons, and jewels.
    You, Sande are such a gift to us all!
    Happy Holidays my dear.
    xo Lisa

  8. Hmmm... I see from this post and the previous one on your hot air balloons that you and I are very much on the same page!! Sigh...long sigh of pure pleasure and delight!
    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  9. Absolutely fabulous...

    Jo xx
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  10. Between the giftwrap and the ensemble you would be wearing, I can imagine lots of giddy women gathered around you and your gift oohing and awwing over your glamorous creativity and spirit...Now if only we could all actually meet...one of these days perhaps.


  11. Yes, let it sparkle! Now seriously, i'd love to wear one of those black lace masks and feathers in my hair...You inspire me, Sande ! :-)

    ps : me too, i wish you'd been here last sunday!

  12. I agree with Francine! Gorgeous wrapping !


  13. I adore the look, Sande, and the gift and wrapping? Stunning. I would cherish such a gift :)

    Hope you are having a very nice week so far...


  14. Oh I want to party with you....fun girl! Love the wrapping, but since you are the guru, I expect nothing less :)
    love DJ

  15. Sande,
    Love the way you are dressed, love the mask you are wearing!! Very gorgeous idea!!
    The wrapping is again beautiful, as all of your wrappings are!!

  16. Just love that lace mask in the first photo. I wonder where you could get a similar one?


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