Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Everything.................and Ribbon Posies

I am calling these Ribbon Posies because this gift embellishment is as simple as gathering a handful of flowers into a flower posy. I was hunting around for short pieces of ribbon as I have this fab idea for a designer hair adornment for Daisy if it works and came across these Midori Ribbon samples. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was ironing linen fabric, stamping grosgrain ribbon, and tying up these short but wider lengths of vibrant silk. This ribbon Posy is easy, easy and a great way to gather up leftover lengths of ribbon or minimize your ribbon yardage purchase. Take as many ribbon pieces as you want, loop each ribbon, mix up the widths, colours and textures in this case I mixed up the patterns, then tie with another short ribbon piece. That's it.

I was dying to use my new Besotted rubber stamps and just love this Happy Everything, I think it is my absolute favorite phrase. Since this ribbon is a grosgrain, the stamp image isn't as sharp but I love the result on this banded grosgrain.

This would be a beautiful presentation for a holiday birthday. I am always careful not to decorate a holiday birthday gift with a Christmas theme as it can look like you grabbed the seasonal gift wrapping supplies if you know what I mean. It might be the holidays but it is still their own special day so I like it festive but mindful. The same applies to gifts given to anyone who does not celebrate Christmas but has their own festivities. 

I have used linen fabric before for gift wrapping way back here but wanted a smoother presentation. I simply cut the two pieces of linen fabric slightly larger than the box size about 1", pinned along cut edges in place to fit exact, and then ironed the edges. One piece going one direction, one the other and both affixed on the underside with double-sided tape. I have yards and yards of this linen fabric from my designer days and think I will use it more now that I have this result. You can use any fabric that will give you a nicely pressed edge. 

I tucked the ribbon on the one end and left the top with a stylish v-cut. The ribbon is also held in place with double-sided tape. The Ribbon Posy is held with a dab from the hot glue gun. 

Should you wish to indulge in this Midori ~ Gala Dupioni ribbon found here, it does come with a finished edge. These are sample pieces so the raw edge is shown. Midori has just opened a retail website. 

Linen and ribbon done simply and beautifully too. 

Another way to use this ribbon.

A sparkly holiday ornament gives the Ribbon Posy an extra dose of holiday sparkle. 

A sparkly welcome to new followers and thank you to readers 
who left lovely comments this week. 

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. This is one of my favorites yet, Sande! I LOVE that ribbon, and I love the linen, and I love your Happy Everything stamp. Perfection. xo Gigi

  2. Great idea for using those extra bits of ribbon!

  3. Sande-
    This is absolutely stunning. I like it with and without, depending on what the occasion is.
    What kind of person is your puppy? I remember you introducing the darling but couldn't remember the breed.
    Have a nice Wednesday.

  4. Love love it, I am going to remember to do a little writing on some ribbon this year, Merry Christmas,

  5. An inspiration to some elegant wrapping. Thank you.

  6. Fabulous Sande and I'm hoping your idea works so we can see some more photo's of Daisy!
    love DJ
    love the writing

  7. What a beautiful gift wrap, you are so clever at what you do, I have no idea how you got something so difficult as linen, so pefect without a crease to be seen!

    You have a wonderful inspiring blog.

    I love it and will keep visiting.

  8. I love this idea for small pieces of ribbon and the linen wrapping is so sophisticated.

  9. Mmmm.. that ribbon! Pure love-- especially mixed with the linen!

    So happy to have found your blog from The Magpie's Fancy.


  10. Oh man I love those plaids! Gorgeous ribbons, gorgeous colors, great wrapping idea!!

  11. Sande~
    This is one of my favorite gifts you've ever wrapped. You cover so many design elements here: a box wrapped in fabric, stamping, using remnants, and the mixture of various styles, which creates a package with not only beauty but interest. I love those Midori silk ribbons, and I also love the "option number two" design with the black/ivory ribbon elegantly lapped over the side of the box-très chic.

    Thank you so much for this very inspiring post!


  12. Sande,

    There is everything to love about ribbon posies. Especially if you are at the end of your ribbon supply. Perfect way to tie things up as we wrap our goodies to give out this season.


  13. LOVE! The colors, style, texture - everything.

  14. So lovely! I am one of the persons you're talking about - my birthday is on Dec 25. And I would be thrilled when getting such a wonderfully wrapped gift!

    Regards from rainy, stormy Germany! Still hoping for a white Christmas.

  15. The ribbons are such a happy addition to the package.


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