Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza............. the Brights

Those Aussie girls love their colour and use it so beautifully. Designer Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things did what designers love to do when it comes to gift wrapping.........tie strips of fabric into beautful bows. You wouldn't miss these under the tree. 

The fabric BoBo Wraps  have been on my must-blog-about list for a bit and don't they make gift wrapping sense? Love the colours and the wrap that keeps on giving. They come complete with the tie-ups and in different sizes, patterns, and solid colours. May I mention that they are a stylish godsend to the gift wrapped impaired?

Those fun baubles to tie up the fabric wraps are called Bungees.

Better Homes & Gardens just goes to show how much fun gift wrapping can be when you take your time and play around with bits of this and that. 

Source found and it is the uber-talented ribbon master Nicholas Kniel from a Traditional Home feature.........but will be back to add the direct link. 

It would't be a bright Christmas without at least this popular gift wrapped image from Carolyne Roehm. Don't you miss her gift wrapped splendor? I do. 

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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The Brights

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  1. Wow! It's all too pretty to unwrap!

  2. Beautiful wrapping, Sande. I am headed to Bobo Wraps now.

  3. Goodness, Sande, I love all of these, but those fabric wraps are to D.I.E. for! I just bought some shiny hot pink paper and very wide wired ribbon to work with this weekend. Did navy & purple last night and it looked beautiful. What wonderful inspiration, darling...

  4. those just got me so excited for Christmas!

    xx Kathryn

  5. Every time I look at another one of your gift wrapping posts, I think I should have done something different... I love the bright fabric wrappings, they look so sumptuous, cheerful and still very elegant. Have a great weekend xo

  6. gorgeous! I'm getting ready to wrap my presents and I'm so going to use your inspiring posts as guidelines :-)

  7. loved this post - just what I needed on a grey sunday in the mountains ... best le x0x

  8. Wrapping my presents is one of the things I enjoy most. What lovely inspiration these presents are.

  9. Loving the brights Sande... actually, I am loving them all... You are a great inspiration... xv

  10. I love every style of giftwrapping you've shared so far. The brights are definitely cheerful and I keep thinking of the zaney people I know who would appreciate this style.

    I'm off to our children's Christmas play at church-it's Amelia's first time to ever be in a play...we'll see how it goes!



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