Sunday, April 18, 2010

Navy Tomatoes............and cycling alone?

This summer beach setting is just ahead, right? where did all my Cycle Challenge gals go? I know more than a few of you went out and bought hot new bikes, but are you actually riding them and if so, why aren't you telling me about it? Hey, blame me for stalling the whole challenge even before we started but I'm all fixed up now and have been adding up this weeks mileage slow and steady but looking to pick up the speed. So go to Fun Stuff on the top left and if your name is listed under the Cycle Challenge page then I am waiting to hear from you now and again. Every Sunday night to be precise. Somebody please.

This photo is in my fashion file labeled Navy Outfit to Inspire Weight Loss. The label really was capitalized which only means I was really serious about using this photo for inspiration. Yes, it is a simple outfit (but quite svelte through the hips) so down below you will see my Hermes Box from last weeks jewelry reminder post refreshed and ready to make this outfit less simple......and more inspired.

I am going to eat beautiful plates of roasted cherry tomatoes on whole wheat penne with fresh basil. Not great big plates, but petite ones with a few shaves of fresh parmesan to finish it off. Big plates of my favorite fennel and black olive salad with lots of white balsamic vinegar and a measure of a good quality olive oil. I make everything sound positively easy don't I? It isn't (I really like ice cream and way too much yogurt), but I did tell you I was going to do it. I am also going to head over to the new blog CRU by Noel of Fanciful Designs for healthy, raw food recipes. Bless her focused and creative heart, she is exactly what I need right now.

This weekly jewelry refesher idea really does work. I wore my favorite Italian watch a good part of last week and am fastening on plenty of older favorites more readily and just for fun. That multi-coloured necklace and bracelet of multiple strands has waited for a long time to return to favour while silver tones captured my attention, but gold tones are back so out it comes again. I think it would look quite good with that navy outfit.

I actually don't need much of a reminder to wear this bracelet. Though dramatic in size, it is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable and looks good in any season. It is my go-to bracelet and we all have one of those, right?

This wire cuff brings a welcome jolt of summer colour to any outfit. Especially black linen and I adore black linen in the summer. And those humid days of revealing summer fashion are right around the corner, aren't they? Anyone ready for a good cycle? The slow and steady kind?

Photo 1 and 3 by Tim Evan Cook~Sarah Kaye/Photo 2 unknown/remaining photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life.


  1. Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Did you get your mittens?

  2. Your outfit selection is very nice. I am a big fan of Navy.

  3. What gorgeous jewellery you have Sande. I have a soft spot for Tiger's Eye as it was my mother's favourite semi-precious stone. Actually I've hardly ever met a piece of jewellery I didn't like!!

  4. Oh Sande, I must thank you for two things. My allowed Sunday Procrastination and the inspiration on the diet!! I actually have the porch all swept off everything removed and plants in pots now I am taking a little break before I go out with the hose and wash it all down!! I like the idea of a file with outfits to inspire losing weight I am going to copy you on that idea!! I see so many outfits I love and I always finish the thought with," If I were thinner." Sound familiar? Break over Ice tea and hat to protect from the showers that are about to insue on my porch!! Kathysue

  5. Those tomatoes look heavenly Sande...xv

  6. I gardened today for hours for fresh air and to be dining at your home tonight...those tomatoes look amazing and I love fennel...olives too!
    Happy cycling...did you see the Hermes bicycle? It is way cool!

  7. I just sent you an email with my distance. It's been a funny couple of weeks- but I'm back!
    I love your inspiration photo. My inspiration is one of a journalist that was responsible for a piece in Town and Country several years ago. I have looked high and low and to no avail. I'm working hard to keep this one in my mind.
    I'm hoping for good cycling weather this week!

  8. Sande,

    I actually bought Amelia a bicycle cocoon and a helmet for her birthday and I take her out once or twice a day for a quick ride. Since I am biking for two does that mean I can go half the distance? Just kidding. The extra weight added to my bike does make for some interesting uphill cycling!
    So, yes, I am now cycling now that Amelia can accompany me, and I am enjoying fresh spinach and Swiss chard from my garden with my favorite vinagrette -Herbes de Provence! Perhaps I will share some photos soon.


  9. Ahh I am so doing roast tomatoes tonight!
    I am on a strict three week detox and can only eat veggies and fish. No meat, coffee, salt, sugar, dairy or anything with refined or processed inclusions.. Half way there now!

    I LOVE the navy outfit. So me.
    You will look gorgeous in that colour!

    Also love the Tiger eye ring and bracelet. One of my favourite semi precious stones. So rich and full of life.

    Have a lovely week and sorry for not leaving comments so often. I read you regularly though and think you are fabulous!

    xx Charlotta

  10. Oh love that cool vintage beach shot and your navy cool...the multi-coloured necklace would look great with it.

    Yummy tomatoes, I love ones off the vine like pictured.

    Loving your jewellery shots,
    hugs DJ

  11. Sandee, Fabulous Beach image, love it. I am not biking. walking more, yes!

    I have a new post and interview up I think you will enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  12. Wonderful image. I am not biking yet either, but walking. And trying to eat green things. and lean lean chicken. does that count? The navy outfit is stunning. and would look beyond gorgeous on you! xo

  13. Your jewelry is gorgeous, Sande! I think you're so right about that multi-colored, multi-strand necklace and bracelet. They'd look fabulous with the navy outfit.

    Your cherry tomatoes have inspired me. I think I'll roast some tomorrow night. I just bought a lovely hunk of parmigiano-reggiano, so I'll shave a little on top. Can almost taste it already. I've been eating a lot of MUFA foods, and it has been helping me lose weight this spring. Have you tried this? I usually struggle with my weight, and this, combined with a lot of walking, actually helps me! I almost can't believe it.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! xo

  14. Hi Sande sorry about the bike riding family stayed over easter plus we are still in rainy season I promise this weekend I will be on my bike to start on the kilometer counting have a great week :)

  15. Sandee,

    Thank you so much for your kind remarks on RHS. I really appreciate it. I've still got your information for my Small Blog World Series and I promise I'm going to get my post done soon. I'll send it your way for approval before I hit "Publish".



  16. Love the beach shot -looks European! And the dark blue shirt..., and the roasted tomatoes. I wish I could bike here, but there's just too many cars on the roads..., but who knows maybe one day I live in a place where it's possible, I hope so.

  17. Roasted tomatoes with pasta is an ingenious idea, as is the display box of jewelry. I really like your beaded pieces, do they have a story?

  18. Love everything about this post! The inspiration, the jewels, the outfit and even the roasted tomato dish! I know I will be back, when I need some more warm weather "thinspiration"!

  19. Dear Sande,
    It's great to hear that you are back on track with the cycling and healthy eating plan. Those roasted tomatoes are one of my favourite things..... and, I'm a big fan of Noel's CRU. I love the fact that she is doing the research and I can just go and get the ingredients and eat it !!
    Beautiful, classy outfit and fabulous jewellery.
    Hoping that your cycling chums get back on track, Sande. XXXX

  20. love this vintage beach pic! and I could pluck those tomatos right out of that picture and eat them they look so good!

  21. love the beach... thanks for the navy drop weight inspiration (note to put it on fridge immediately) and all of the baubles... and i think i will buy new tires for my bike... (wonder if they still make em? its been years!)
    happy monday xx

  22. Great photos. Love the navy outift.

  23. Roasted cherry tomatoes are my absolute favourite. I have them for breakfast every Saturday morning roasted with garlic and a bit of chilli, lots of olive oil and drizzled over toast or a bagel! Delicious. I could eat nothing else. Ever.

  24. Hi Sande,

    I am alternating between cycling and running outdoors again (hooray for spring!). If I can count my running miles along with my cycling, I am still part of the challenge. I admit, I did nothing last week but I am ready to get back on board. Thanks for the nudge.


  25. Sande,
    I love your go-to bracelet! Sean took me to the Cartier exhibit yesterday (said if he can't afford to buy me diamonds, he can definitely show me the best!), and my head is still spinning from such exquisite pieces of jewelry. The Duchess of Windsor definitely had extraordinary taste! As did Grace Kelly.
    Have a wonderful week!

  26. I love navy as a colour to wear, so that outfit is great.. And that vintage looking beach picture is beautiful... And the jewellery... and and and ;-) Great and inspiring post, thanks. Love from London x

  27. Just came across your blog! It is truly lovely!

  28. Here I am !!! Sitting at the window watching the rain fall today. Boo Hoo ! Just love taking the time out to ride ea day ( when it's dry ). No cell phone, no computer, just me in the breeze. So therapeutic not only physically, but mentally !


  29. Love roasted tomatoes..The wire cuff is beautiful!

    Hope you are having a lovely day :)


  30. I just found my way here through Christine's blog, Vista Woman. I'm going to have to check out the bike challenge!! Happy cycling!


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