Friday, April 23, 2010

Floresdelsol............preserved beauty on Etsy

Petite Craspedia Topiary...........clustered craspedia (aka billy balls).

Dear Mother 2010................preserved hydrangea. pink preserved coxscomb. soft pink parchment paper roses.

Mossy Garden Mound.......fluffy reindeer moss. textured mood moss. faux moss cobbles.

Honeyed..........aspen gold hydrangea. yellow parchment paper roses. yellow preserved billy buttons.

Visit the beautiful preserved floral world of Floresdelsol on Etsy.

All photos from Floresdelsol ~ Etsy


  1. i'm a big fan of preserved flowers and these are all arranged beautifully.
    btw, my 7 year old loves the music on your site. he was standing by me at the computer the other day and when I finished reading your post and closed the window, he told me to "put it back on! now! I love that music!" so i did and we listened together ;)

  2. The pink roses and hydrangea are beautiful, I had hydrangea in my wedding flowers, they're one of my favourites!

  3. Beautiful!
    I got the note from you so I will send you back your change :O)

  4. Sande,
    I'm still catching up from my absence from viewing, oohing, and commenting. So, I'm covering lots of territory with this one note. But your resent posts have all been so fun, so many great images, things to make me smile (the man and the pig), fabulous flowers,and so many wonderful gift ideas for my gift-wish list. Your posts remind me of all that I've been missing. Thanks! Rita

  5. I am not familiar with this Etsy artisan, I will have to check out her site, They are all lovely and worth a look, Kathysue

  6. Oh my, I love the music on this blog plus all the lavish gifts wrapped with warmth and spirit.
    Here's wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  7. I adore the simplicity of the topiaries! I bet my mom would sure love it too!

  8. These are lovely. I will have to check out her shope.

  9. You've gotta love etsy! And you certainly made some great finds here! Have a great weekend!

  10. Dear Sande,
    How lovely to receive one of these arrangements for any special day.
    I would love any one of them, as they are all beautiful.
    Enjoy the weekend, Sande. XXXX

  11. I'm on my them all!

  12. Don't you just love something this beautiful that lasts as well. Thanks for sharing the source of these beautiful arrangements.

  13. Oh they are so beautiful, I must check this store out. I think #2 is so pretty.


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