Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mothers Day Giveaway Winner is..............

Part of the fun of a giveaway is pulling the winner.
And then wrapping it of course with beautiful satin ribbon
and lots of love.

It is with great delight and pleasure that I will send this Lavender Gift to

Janet ~ French Blue

Thank you to everyone who entered and there is a May Giveaway coming up.
You know how I love to wrap beautiful gifts.


  1. Congratulations, Janet, you LUCKY girl! I can imagine how BEAUTIFUL it would be to receive a gift in the mail from SANDE, since everything she touches is just so lovely. Enjoy! xx P&H

  2. Congratulations to Janet at French Blue...Lavender dreams and wishes for Mother's Day!

  3. Oh WOW Sande,
    How lovely that Janet won. She is always doing beautiful giveaways (one of which, I won !!)so it is really fitting that Janet won this beautiful giveaway.
    Thanks so much for the chance to have won such a delightful giveaway, Sande and, high five to the lovely Janet. XXXX

  4. Congratulations!! to Janet at French Blue (another lovely blog I love) on winning your gorgeous Mothers Day gift.
    Have a beautiful Saturday!!

  5. Congratulations Janet!


  6. Congratulations Janet ~ Have a Happy Mother's Day! ~ Chelle

  7. Lindos. Qual Será o Próximo? Com Certeza Cheio de bom gosto.

  8. Lucky, lucky Janet. Hoping for good luck in May...

  9. Oh I'm telling you Sande this could not have gone to a nicer, more wonderful mother than Janet. She is so lovely in every way. My congratulations to you Janet.
    xoxo DJ

  10. Dear Sande,
    I just had to come back to thank you for your lovely comment. It is so kind of you to ask how my 'injuries' are !! I'm healing nicely. My bruises are a lovely shade of green/yellow so, I've had to cancel all of my modelling assignments Haha !!!!
    Don't ever apologise for long comments. I love them.
    We have had a glorious week, weatherwise here in England although there is still a chill in the air and we have had a frost at night.
    Have a lovely sunday Sande. XXXX

  11. Hi Sande!!
    First of all a hearty congratulations to the lovely Janet on winning your Giveaway!!
    You won't believe what happened today after I did my latest post on bicycles. I was lamenting to my husband about how much I wanted a bike and he looked at me and said but you have a bike. I said not the tandem, one of my own. He said, remember you bought one at a garage sale last year? I thought for a minute and looked at him in amazement remembering that indeed I had. We ran into the backyard where it had been covered up with a tarp all winter and sure enough... there it was! I rode it all day today and even took our favorite dog Latte for a ride in the basket. I'll post photos tomorrow. So my friend, I'm in, I'm all in and totally in love with my amazing vintage bicycle that I scored last summer for $20. Wait till you see it!! I love it so much!

  12. The giveaway could not have gone to a more deserving lady!
    Congratulations Janet!!
    xoxo ~Dana

  13. Lucky girl sweet of you!! Hope you are well,Chrissy

  14. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  15. I love visiting your blog, it's so beautiful!

  16. Yeah for Janet - what a lucky girl who totally deserves it!
    Have a wonderful week~

  17. Dearest Sande,
    Could there be a more perfect recipient of this stunning gift? I think not! Our Janet will cherish every single bit of this glorious win ~ especially since it will be sealed with your exquisite touch!
    Have a lovely week ahead....

  18. Dear Sande~
    I am sitting here so honored that I won this giveaway from YOU my darling friend! I feel I have won the lottery! As Mothers our hearts are one. As friends my smiles are many and as your winner I my simply CAN NOT WAIT!
    Merci Beaucoup Mon Aime~

  19. We love your blog, you did a great job and we are following you, congratulations.
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    Sao Paulo - Brazil
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    A hug


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