Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MOR...........pretty than usual for Mother's Day

Just a quick post about some Little Luxuries you might want to think about for Mother's Day. I think a pretty package of this Mor ~ Belladonna Lip Nectar along with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is just perfect. Your phone call or lovely company too, of course.

Why not give her a bouquet style done up special as in Queen for a Day? No reason why brides get to have all the fun carrying a gorgeous bouquet all day. She can too.

The Belladonna Body Butter is pretty and special too. Should you want to "butter up" some special favor with the woman who makes all your favorite things whenever you show up. And lends you her new car for weeks on end while driving your old one around. And pays your student Visa bill too (actually this one goes to Father's Day). And organizes your income tax receipts.

MOR ~ Cassis Noir Lip Nectar (18.00 US).

Be on the hunt for an armful of lilacs. Put them in a lovely vintage vase.
She will love you for it.

Just one more.......MOR Marshmallow Lip Nectar.

Image 2 and 4 from Martha Stewart/Remaining product images from Mor Cosmetics


  1. I'd love to receive a vase of lilacs for Mother's Day. We used to have lilac bushes at my last house and I loved the scent.

  2. Thanks for the hints. Aside from flowers I'm never sure what else to add for my mother.

  3. I like how you think ! You can be my "daughter" any day ! ;)

  4. I love the beautiful gifts you choose to highlight on your blog! I have never been one who was a 'natural' gift wrapper...like my sister in law...but I want to be! Your site provides me with many ideas and inspiration! Check out my blog at: Outrebeautybistro.blogspot.com you are on my side bar...as a featured blog. XO

  5. Sande you had me @ lip nectar, but to think marshmallow & cassis..how lovely. The flowers too are a spectacular idea. The peonies always make me think of my mom. Will be a hard first Mother's Day this year without her & not looking for something special to give her. I took it all for granted.
    Hugs to you & proud of you for keeping up your cycling. My husband just completed the MS 150 from Houston to Austin for a total of 180 mile in two days. Such a great charity event.
    xx deb

  6. Sande,
    I always appreciate gift ideas! Sometimes I feel like I am the worst at figuring out what to buy people!


  7. What a good idea! Happy to BE a Mother!
    with love from Holland,

  8. Sande~

    I love MOR brand - it has divine scents and packaging :-)) Thanks for sharing such goodies.

    xo Noel

  9. So beautiful and restful over here Sande~~ I feel like we are sitting together talking about pretty boxes with hot tea and teacakes!!!! These Mor boxes are the best! They would make any Mother smile.

  10. Oh Sande,
    I adore that first bouquet and the lilac is amazing. We have had our Mother's Day over here but, I would like any of those gifts at anytime !! XXXX

  11. Oh Mor is gorgeous and I just love the pictures you have posted....gloriously beautiful as always darling.

    hugs DJ

  12. I Love the MOR range. It is so special. Your ideas are inspiring :)
    Have a wonderful week. x Suzi

  13. I adore MOR products and use the daily. We offer them in our boutique and they continue to be one of our best sellers. I adore the images of the flowers you have featured.
    ps, I store or should I say showcase my revolving jewelry collection in many of my Hermes boxes..I just loved reading your post below about that.

  14. those peonies and lavender are fabulous!!! what great ideas. My mom's favourite flower is Lily of the Valley, so for Mother's Day last year I found an old English vase from the late 1890's with Lily of the Valley on it and I bought it and then I special ordered a small bunch of them from the florist (which is hard to get and super expensive for such a small size-wow!) and gave her that for Mother's Day. I thought it was so sweet and she liked it b/c she knew I really put a lot of thought and effort into it. Last year for mothers day my husband had my boys draw a big picture (where they wrote i ♥ u all over it) and he framed it ....that was special too. great post, it's making me start my day with good memories!!!

  15. Darling, I will gladly take either one of those flower bouquets! Gorgeous - so very pretty! Mine are small, so daddy usually picks up something lovely, and I get a homemade treat from my little loves. They are so cute when they think they are being sneaky! ("Mom, do NOT look in my backpack, Mom, because there is NOTHING in there at ALL!")

  16. What beautiful packaging Sande...and those bouquets are heavenly, xv.

  17. I haven't heard of the MOR brand, but the lilacs in a vintage vase are so beautiful... I'm sure any mother would love those. Love from London x

  18. beautiful ideas for mothers day!


  19. Lovely ideas for Mother's Day, Sandi! Mor is such a pretty brand...not only is their packaging lovely, but the product itself is so luxurious...

    Hope you're having a wonderful day :)


  20. Ah lilacs - one of my favourite flowers. There was a lilac tree that grew under my bedroom window as a child... Funny how scent memories stay with us. Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather Sande.


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