Thursday, April 22, 2010

Social Contacts for Mothers Day

Since I use tape all day, I couldn't help but notice this elegant cast Elephant Tape Dispenser from Iomoi. Certainly it would be well-used here and especially if you are wrapping beautiful things all day and want a cute little monkey helper to hold your tape. I first emailed Iomoi at Christmas to inquire on the price of this fanciful Elephant Dispenser .......did you say 168.00? Designed by Iomoi, the die-cast dispenser was custom-made by a New York Sculptor and does weigh a hefty 3 lbs. so it is a whole different animal than your standard office tape dispenser. What a fabulous Mothers Day gift for the discerning woman with a beautiful desk. She will think of you everytime she reaches for a piece of tape, thinking what a clever little monkey. That would be you.

We are reverting to the quaint, old fashioned use of calling cards but for a totally different reason, or is it? We may not be announcing a actual visit but in the 21st century handing over a stylish calling card is like saying "yes, I like you and you can contact me via email, cell phone, my blog, facebook or Twitter" and it makes it so much easier. Same message, different time. It is actually a thoughtful and practical gift for the busy woman who makes friends everywhere she goes these days. 50 Iomoi calling cards for 68.00 plus shipping.

I know you have seen this stylish Iomoi gift set before, I just wanted to remind you of it for Mothers day. A chic and handy place to write down all those phone messages from her new friends met via email, blogs, facebook and twitter. Sometimes, we still need a pen and paper. I posted about another clever Iomoi gift last Mothers Day. Go take a look at last years post. It still applies. And it is still very clever.

Don't forget......the Mother's Day Giveaway takes place in 2 days on April 23, 2010.
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All photos from Iomoi.


  1. I love everything Iomoi!!!
    I hope you get that tape dispenser for Mother's Day:) It's charming and so you!!!

  2. Sande, you remind me that i need to restock on my cards. (Oh yes, i wish we'd still have the need of calling cards !)
    This tape dispenser is adorable...Really stylish...I'll hop on their site, now!

  3. Will really have to check them out! Oh, I love the idea of calling cards, somebody please bring back old-fashioned politeness... Love from London x

  4. Sande, I have to confess that Iomoi is one of my favorite companies ever! I actually purchased that tape dispenser this past Christmas for a friend of mine that collects elephants. It's even more beautiful in person! So well made. Their paper products are amazing too!!!

  5. I love calling cards! And, I think spending this much on a tape dispenser would be worth every dollar to have such a beautiful, practical object to sit on top of your desk.

    Thanks for sharing my some golden love today!


  6. We should feel NO guilt buying objects that look that good and function that well. should have it!

  7. What gorgeous presents for Mother's Day, Sande. We had our Mother's Day in March but any of these would make great birthday presents too..... or, any type of present.
    Hope that the cycling is going well. XXXX

  8. Sande,
    I love the elephant tape dispenser and might just treat myself for Mother's Day! I'm sure the crumb would approve!

  9. Your website is beautiful. The header is especially astounding.

  10. I just adore Iomoi - I use their online stationary all the time! And their trays are marvelous. Such great finds here. I can't believe you don't have that tape dispenser - you need an awesome tape dispenser!
    -Sanity Fair

  11. YES, wouldn't it be gracious to exchange calling cards as in by-gone years? Especially when there are SO many LOVELY ones out there! As a matter of fact, THAT might be a great Mother's Day idea, as my mom is STILL making friends where ever she goes! Thanks for the lovely images! xx P&H

  12. Tha tape dispenser is to die for! I love it and love that it's gold!

    xo Noel

  13. Thank you so much for the compliments on my studio... It means a lot coming from you!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~~
    xoxo Laura

  14. Wow - what an incredible tape dispenser. Now to find something similar for less money ...

  15. Sande, I covet that bamboo pen, in multiples, for me and for Mom! What is the url for lomoi, I can't find it, but trust you to find the best for all of us!! Bon weekend a vous, Andrea

  16. Oh my gosh I'm so slow these days....catching up. I so love that little or should I say big elephant and his's so cute.
    xxx DJ


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