Thursday, April 15, 2010

My computer too

I want to give you a delicious plate of pistachio macarons, just because a few of you are not enjoying my new blog as well as you normally might. In fact, I might give them to myself .......let's share them while I apologize to any reader who is having trouble reading this blog because.........well, I am not sure why. I am sorry and please bear with me while this browser? stuff gets sorted out. Is it just me or is this computer thing getting more difficult by the day? Though much less difficult with the gracious hand holding of  DJ of Dust Jacket Attic all week long. In the meantime, a few of my favorite things to close off the week.

When I want a good chuckle or think I might want to renew my lost passion for cooking incredible tasty meals, I head right over to visit my favorite food blogger. Well, actually I have a few but I love the way former pastry chef and author David Lebovitz keeps it real while sharing his experience of being an American living and cooking in Paris. It was this photograph from his February post on Truffle Hunting in France that got me hooked on his witty writing style. He shares his story and recipes much better than I ever could, so head over (if you haven't already) and get lost in the culinary world of David Lebovitz.

Somewhere in South Africa, someone is living in my next dream room by Cape Town designer John Jacob that I found over at the blog My Notting HillThis is it The Room. There is something about that silk grasscloth colour, the cosy dimensions, and the warmth of this sitting room that just does it for me. I even showed it to my husband and said "here's our next house" and he replied "but our house kind of does look like this". Silly guy, that's like saying that my hair is blonde when we all know it's kind of gray with blonde highlights. But then again, he only sees the blonde so who am I to call him silly guy?

While I am dreaming............I will take this stunning kitchen by Houston designer Donna Temple Brown that I borrowed from the blog Acanthus and Acorn. Look, it's kind of gray and blonde. Have you noticed who is being the silly one today?

Happy Weekend!

The warmest welcome to new followers and a grateful thank you to the original ones
who are sticking with me while I sort out the browser? problem.

Top photo by photographerArabelle McNie ~ Sarah Kaye/photo 2 via David Lebovitz/photo 3 from John Jacob Interiors/bottom photo from Veranda.


  1. Just send the cookies and new ideas please! Yummo! Love your blog, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  2. I've made a few macarons but now I want to try the Pistachio ones! Looks so beautiful!

    BTW, Love your new blog layout :)

  3. Have a great week end too Sande !
    with the pistacchio macarons of course.... :-)

    ps : just to let you know, i don't have any problems seeing your blog...

  4. Oh that sitting room is gorgeous. I would probably change the paint color and then move right in!

  5. Sande,

    I hope that the mysterious computer problems get fixed soon. Technology problems have a way of taking over our sanity at times!

    Oh, and thanks for introducing us to David Lebovitz...sounds like a blog I would like.


  6. Hi Sande - Truly sorry for the browser issues. It is most definitely not a laughing matter / :

    You brought me two bloggers I had not known about & cannot wait to discover. Now if you could find a way to gather more hours for our days! Such terrific blogs out there & just not enough time. The Cape Cod designer is incredible. That room just makes me weak @ the knees. Now if my Houston kitchen would look anything like the one designed my Donna. That is one fabulously designed kitchen, very unique. So glad to know too that I am not the only one with lots of gray w/blonde hi-lites! Happy weekend to you my dear xx

  7. So much loveliness here with the soundtrack of my favorite musical piece! Thank you for adding so much beauty to my day.

  8. Sande,
    Well, I don't seem to have a problem reading your gorgeous blog ~ hope the 'issues' work out soon!

    LOVE David Lebovitz and his witty humor. Did you read his book yet? One of my favorites.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. You obviously have a well-mannered computer... mine never apologizes. Owes me dozens.
    Love that kitchen. Especially for the fancy chair plopped right in the center.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Oh I love the pictures, gorgeous, so cute with the pig finding truffles...must check out the links you have so generously given us.

    Here's to trouble free
    your husband sounds so sweet

  11. That kitchen is fantastic. I get tired of dull, old kitchen cabinets. Thanks for all of your ideas and pictures.

  12. That South African room is amazing - so much ambiance! I want to travel there!
    -Sanity Fair

  13. Dear Friend~
    No apologizes need here:) I am not having any troubles. You are my hero blogger and always will be:) This blog is beautiful and complete to me. I am not experiencing any flaws on my end.
    Big hugs for a great weekend to you!!

  14. Can I please sit in that beautiful kitchen eating those macarons... hmmm... Have a lovely weekend, Love from London x

  15. Sande, no problems seeing your blog on my end. Always lovely always a wonderful read. Love the first room. I would have to have a good book to read while sitting there enjoying its warmth.

  16. Your blog is gorgeous~you have so many wonderful ideas and great photos to share.....

  17. How did I miss this post before, Sande? I love it! I, too, am a David Lebovitz fan, although I often find myself envying his life. I'll take truffle hunting in France over sneezing in an old Massachusetts mill town any day!

    I also love that photo from My Notting Hill. That's just the kind of room I'd want to settle into and never leave, well, except to go truffle hunting. Somehow I think your house is every bit this gorgeous.

    Thank you for your generous comments over at my place today. I love meeting people like you who share my love for words!! So glad that DJ introduced us in the magical way that she did. xo

  18. I love your blog - no problems here. I hope you get the kinks worked out because yes, this stuff is so stressful, but mostly because it's such a shame if there are people out there who want to enjoy your beautiful thoughts and inspiring images but can't!! Have a great weekend!


  19. adore the mood and feel of this post, especially the first two images; hope there are no more computer woes and your new site redesign looks spectacular!


  20. OOhh yes I could get cosy in that room too!!


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