Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hermes boxes............unadorned but still sparkly

When I first put this post together, it really was just to show you how great boxes, in this case the iconic Hermes boxes, could be used unadorned. As in design, stacked, layered, and not a ribbon or bow in sight. I judge the effectivness of an arrangment and its value in a room by visually removing it. Does it look better with it, or without it? Lovely without........... fabulous with that jolt of orange of course.

I got the same answer here. Four shots of Hermes orange to match the lovely Hermes "box stack" on the ornate gilt console. But, really this setting just illustrates how little effort it takes to add colour with accessories. The right ones. And how about that fashionable photograph?

Yesterday while I was visiting new blogs I came across this photo of the way model Christy Turlington choses to use a Hermes box. PS. Actually it wasn't a model but another blogger who put this glamorous collection together. This is Glamorous gave me the heads-up on this correction. This image is from blogger Kiratomic and was then posted on TIG. Strange thing is I didn't know when I took this idea and ran with it that Kiratomic had originally done just that. Hermes must inspire us in a similiar way. Go see, she is a much better photographer than I. As you may remember, I was given a generous stack of these boxes last fall from a person who really does shop at Hermes. The light went off,  I think this idea is so fashionably clever I am going to show you my own version. A few of my favorite pieces.

I have tried a zillion ways to store jewelry so I see it and wear it. I've tried the layering it in bowls and trays (too messy), organizing in boxes in drawers (forget about it) and when I saw this idea I thought if  I rotated the items on a weekly basis and left them on my dressing room vanity then I would use them more. A stylish reminder so to speak.

My largest pair of sparkly errings from many years ago. At times I have given away some of my jewelry but now I am  holding on to all of it and someday, someone will get a great stash of vintage jewelry.  I really should wear some of these pieces again.

I have this thing for those Herve Leger form fitting bandage dresses (especially the long ones) that I am way too old too wear so when I saw this 6" Herve cuff  with the cut glass floral pattern I thought it would satisfy my fix. And it does for me. I do love the look of it peeking out under a summer sleeve of linen. Only problem is that everyone says the following to me " when did you hurt your wrist" and "that is so cool that you decorated your tensor band". Jeez.............so much for my stylish fix. My square Altanus watch from Italy is one I miss wearing as it was a gift from my husband and I love the oversized Italian style. It's quite simple, you just don't need a watch when you work at home so I wear it when I shop. So much better to have a time limit on the spending.

This is a fun costume-quality necklace that I bought at a trade show. It is quite large but all fun and sparkly with 8 strands of clear crystal and this large blue center. Do you love interesting and beautiful jewelry, the kind with a story behind it? I will introduce you to a very cool new advertiser in the next week............now we're talking all sparkly and bright. You'll see.

Photo 1 and 2 from Traditional Home/Photo 3 via the blog This is Glamorous/All other photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh I was getting so excited looking at the jewellery, love it. I love interesting pieces, really great shots.

    Beautiful post, but you had me at Hermes!

    big hugs DJ

  2. Love the Hermès-box-as-decorative-item look. Now I just have to buy lots and lots of Hermès to get the boxes. Do you think Big Cheese would approve?

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  3. I have a Hermes box! I have the flat rectangualr one ^_^ Haha. I love using it to gift wra with it's so pretty to see when the paper comes away and the shape adds curiosity :D xxx

  4. It's too bad we cant just buy the boxes!

    Did you get your mittens?

  5. Orange is one of my favorite colors! I have adored Hermes boxes! Someday I will have one and using them for jewelry is fantastic!

  6. Funny, I have stacks of Hermes boxes (mainly tie boxes that I bought for my husband), and they look NOTHING like those rooms! They sit under our bedroom TV in one of those TV stand things. LOL. Those room shots are spectacular! A girl can dream...

  7. I just love the picture with the vintage fashion photo. The orange really makes the room pop. Wonderful post.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  8. Gorgeous Hermes boxes & jewelry! Thanks for sharing! Beth

  9. Love the rush when I see those orange boxes....if only I could amass as many as you have! Nice image of the bag, boots and boxes in the hallway....nice jewelry too!

  10. Wonderful ideas!
    I love the punches of orange.
    Now off to shop for Hermes boxes, or maybe Tiffany blue boxes, or maybe...oh my.

  11. that jewelry in that box looks incredible! Something about that Hermes orange that every girl likes, right? I have never posted a "look at my blog" kind of comment on someone else's blog/comment box, but in reference ONLY to the Hermes, if you go on my blog to the "my favourite posts" i did an Hermes cake for my girlfriend's 40th birthday, thought you might like it after reading this post. :) have a lovely day!!!
    ( i just had to look at those pics again of your jewelry in there! gorgeous!)

  12. Lucky you Sande! this is a very glamorous way to use Hermès boxes....Love your watch !
    i've got only 2 Hermès boxes and never quite use them. I think i will from now on ! :-)

    ps : thank you for your comment and you're very welcome Sande ! xoxo

  13. What beautiful pictures. I love that way to photograph jewelry. May have to try it.

  14. Lovely girl, you are quite confused. May I correct you please? You use that beautiful, Italian watch of yours (GORGEOUS, btw) to time yourself on your bicycle, so you know when to STOP. You never, I repeat, NEVER, time yourself to stop shopping. Heavens! Perish the thought...! Don't make me come over there and reprogram you. LOL!!!

  15. I love orange and Hermes boxes. I also love your blog.
    Thanks for sharing

  16. great idea! I'm going to have to boot my husband's Hermes ties from their boxes

  17. How nice to have received a collection of the famed Hermes orange boxes and put them to a fun use.

  18. ugh you are making me want to go out & get more jewelry. as if i dont have to stifle that urge every moment of the day! lol
    so ive been terrible about my biking pledge.
    i did find a walking buddy thought that ive walked to work with twice! but alas, no biking.
    ill improve i promise! ;)

  19. i love how the Hermes box makes such a great display piece! i have my Chanel box on display with some little jewels inside. i figure for what it cost to get that little box, might as well give it another use!!
    xoxo alison

  20. Oh, it was all so luscious and wonderfully captured! I am really dying for something orange...

  21. What a simple and beautiful idea. I LOVE it. Thanks Sande. As always, you delight and amaze. Best wishes!

  22. Sande I love the Hermes boxes... that colour is just stunning! The Hermes "orange" is like the Tiffany "Blue"...just perfect. We have a fashion designer here in Australia called "Collette Dinnigan" I don't know if you have heard of her... her pieces are exquisite and she shows at French fashion week every year and also has a store in London and one in Sydney. (As I type this I am listening to your music and feel like I am pianist playing instead of typing on my laptop!) Anyway, I have some of her boxes which are pale pink and gold and I display them in our bedroom which is very French influenced .... I will take some pics and do a post for you. Have a wonderful day!
    Best wishes

  23. I like your rotation idea, Sande. I have the same problem. I seem to be always searching for something specific and sometimes I even have to give up because I'll be late. I have lots of vintage jewelry...special, sentimental pieces, things that I wore onstage. I need to get organized in the jewelry department!
    The bursts of Hermes orange are stunning.

  24. babe, that was nothing short of beautiful...

  25. Love this stunning post! Delicious eye candy for sure. I'm so glad you're using your Hermes boxes for your jewels. It's perfect. Great photos you took. My Mom, the gypsy would love this!!

  26. Sande ~
    What an excellent use for the divine Hermes box! Love that watch...your husband has very good taste!

  27. Oh I am in love! This is such a creative way to display your beautiful baubles! (And how totally beautiful they are!?!). Your pics are fantastic. I adore using boxes as decor and hermes give just the right amount of color to virtually any space! Marija

  28. You have really lovely jewelry. I am going to Hong Kong this summer and these pictures gave me ideas what kind of gemstones to buy there.

    I am usually not a huge fan of orange, but the shade of those Hermes boxes is divine.

  29. Sande,

    This post is definitely perfect for you, and to think you found two images with stacks of Hermes boxes!
    I love your jewelry display. I say wear it whenever you can; that's one of my favorite things about being a woman~the fun of accessorizing!

  30. What a lovely way to store jewelry. I should do that with my box that's just collecting dust!

    And I just had to giggle at your story about the Herve Leger cuff.

  31. ooooh!! I want to come and play in your jewelry. I do love great and unusual pieces. It is funn I have a bunch but I only wear it when we go out for something special. I wear my pearls every day and my black tank watch and an initial necklace and I am out the door. Love the idea of displaying them in such fantastic boxes. Great post and you have some really fun pieces, Kathysue

  32. fun! and so wonderful that you were inspired to arrange your own jewelry in a hermès box -- always lovely to gaze upon that beautiful shade of orange...

    just thought you might like to know that the third image is not christy turlington's jewel box, but from a blogger, krisatomic, and the photo is actually from here:


    hope your week is off to a beautiful start, sande!

    and thank you so much for your warm + thoughtful well-wishes last week xo

  33. Linked you in my entry: http://cloudofsecrets.blogspot.com/2010/05/mirror-game.html

    "And going back to my Dark Britt begonias: orange has been my least favorite color for decades, perhaps because I grew up in the northern Midwest, land of orange road construction barrels, processed cheese foods, and racks upon racks of hunter orange clothing. To my surprise, however, my aversion has faded in recent weeks. I wonder if the glowing Hermès box studies at A Gift Wrapped Life are responsible."

  34. Tout simplement parfait! Bravo . Rémi


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