Monday, April 5, 2010

Laudree treats.... go missing again

Yes, I enjoyed my Laduree macaroons last week, well the few I got to enjoy before our son came home for Easter and finished them up. That's twice he has stolen my macaroon stash, he seems to like these delectable little treats. I shame all my friends who are going to Paris into bringing me back a petite box, I make them feel real sad for me that I am not going too and it seems to work every time. I am shameless, though I do have the best friends. XO

It just happened that this photo of a gift order was sitting right beside the macaroon photo and don't they look delectable together? Lavender, melon and orange makes for one fabulous colour scheme. The lavender ribbon is imprinted with Versailles and the wrapped soap in the upper left corner of the box is a gorgeous wrapped Lavender soap from Agraria. Tucked right beside it is a little chocolate Bonbon from Paris all gathered in orange silk and tied with lavender velvet ribbon.

The lavender portfolio box is one of my favorite box colours. As we all know I seem to have a present fascination with keeps catching my eye. I even noticed my lilacs were peeking out today and I can hardly wait. Isn't the spring season the best?

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh Sande,
    You definitely raised your son to have very refined taste when it comes to delicious treats!

    Love the color combo above...the crumb just decided all shades of PURPLE are her favorite colors now (well, at least for today!).

    Wishing you a glorious week....

  2. That is one place I intend to visit my first day in Paris!

  3. Dear Sande,
    There is a macaroon shop not far from our home. I understand they ship anywhere and have quite a fan base for a U.S.A. version.

    The colors of your latest wrapping remind me of one of my favorite flowers "Birds of Paradise" for some reason

  4. Oh and if you are ever going to be in Toronto let me know...there is a little shop I know of....

  5. I wouldn't be able to unwrap those boxes! They look too beautiful!

  6. Great taste your son has ~ and great friends you have! :)
    Have a lovely week~

  7. Sande,

    Yes, spring is my favorite time of year!

  8. Beautiful post! Your wrapping is divine and I adore Laduree - they are delectable. Not nearly enough of my friends go to Paris often enough, so I learned to make these little delectable treats myself. It is so worth the effort! I want to work on mastering more flavors.

  9. That package is so regal & scrumptuous..much like those beloved macaroons. Mine were hogged by Hailey. Even at 8 shes knows true yumminess!!!

  10. What lovely eye candy... Who needs macaroons if they have such a lovely box! *obviously I haven't tasted them, huh?

    I have a similar son who would do the very same trick... I love those colors together, too..

  11. Sande , adoro seu trabalho , me inspiro em vc !
    Conheça meu trabalho ...
    Um beijo

  12. I am having a love affair with lavender as well. I could not trust myself with those delectable macaroons around the house!

    Art by Karena

  13. Sande!
    How do you get your Laduree??? I can see you've raised Dr. Austin just right! I think this is the part he is like you:) I adore the colors on this post, so YOU!!
    Have a good week!!

  14. Bonjour Sande,
    Yes what is it about those Laduree treats? I would gladly send you a box but they don't travel well via the mail - this is experience talking! There is just one solution, you muct come to France!
    The lavender box looks lovely paired with that beautiful flower, you taste in decor and sweet things is impeccable!

  15. Nobody told me about Laudree before going to Paris....I saw the very long line out the door, I peeked in and couldn't believe how crowded, so with the Hubs standing outside refusing to wait we left....darn I knew it was something special..a once in a lifetime opportunity gone...oh well I will have to go back right?

  16. Laduree ...... you don't need to say anything more to me! Love it and the lavender and melon is exquisite. I brought so much Laduree back with me from our trip to France that the excess luggage bill was well .... worth every penny!! I have the pink, lilac and green boxes! Beautiful post.

  17. Love the colour combination on the wrapping, so sunny and elegant looking. Hm, I do love my son dearly, but I'm not sure he'd be allowed anywhere near my Laduree macaroons... Carole xx

  18. Missing macaroons ...they would be if I was there!

    Mmm they look delish and love the rich colors of the wrapping and the soft ribbon...beautiful honey.

  19. The colors in your wrap are beautiful! What a gorgeous gift. The macaroons look delicious!

  20. Those macaroons are so good, but even better are the pretty little boxes they come in. I have the same box you have and a light green and silver box.

  21. Sande~ You do have the best friends! :-) I hope you enjoyed them all down to the last crumb.


  22. Someone could lose a finger around here if they lifted one of those delights!

    The wrapping is equally luscious!!!

  23. You are so blessed to have such sweet friends!!
    But then again, that son of yours being on the prowl... well nothing is perfect:)
    Hope you had a lovely Easter celebration and I adore your lavender wrapping!!

  24. lol. Sounds like you need to come up with a better hiding place!!

  25. Oh Sande,
    What a beautifully wrapped present....filled with beautiful things. Who wouldn't be over the moon with that gift ?
    .... and, whenever our son pops in to see us he heads straight for the fridge or to my stash of sweet things !! That's sons for you.... mind you, our daughter is exactly the same !! XXXX

  26. Sande, those macaroons would be missing if I were around also, I would leave one or two so I wouldn't feel too guilty!! I love the combination of colors and your ribbon is always so lush and gorgeous, Kathysue

  27. Bonjour Sande,
    Love the new blog design. I want to change to the 2 column design as well but afraid to attempt it myself. Well done!

  28. Oh my! Delicious, Sandi! I love the wrapping -- it's so luxurious and gorgeous :)

  29. It's so gorgeous and glamorous!


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