Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Christmas in April.......a gift of a new blog design from DJA

This is way better than any Christmas gift. This is Christmas in April for me. While we were working on this new and shiny blog design, we were using this December photo as a work sample. The more I looked at it the more I thought "tomorrow when I wake up and open my computer, it really will be like Christmas morning". And it is and I have someone pretty incredible to thank.

I know you know DJ from Dust Jacket Attic. Her fashion blog and playlist is a daily dose of glamour for many of us and it is no secret that I love her style. What you may not know is how incredibly kind, helpful, talented, and spectacular this woman is inside. Even better, she has a fabulous sense of humour. I would say she is somewhat mysterious, her posts are about stylists and fashion photography, she is from Australia, she tells us very little about her personal life which I seem to find intriguing. A few days ago while she whipped through the changes and nailed my design faster than you can imagine, I said to her "you are holding out on us, you have some experience and some serious design talent". And she does, doesn't she?

I am convinced that the best people to design a new blog design are bloggers themselves. When I asked DJ for help, it became like it often does in the blog world, more than a helping becomes a gift. A gift beautifully wrapped in enormous generousity. She made this change feel so effortless, so painless, so much fun, so suited to me, so exciting that I cannot possibly thank her properly. If I could I would fly to Australia today and give her the biggest possible hug and say thank you, thank you DJ.

You are simply the absolute best. I adore my new blog. And you.

Photo by Chris Everard ~ Sarah Kaye


  1. You new look is beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful Sandee!! Love what you have done (with a little help)

    Art by Karena

  3. I noticed this morning on the Laudree post, Sorry I did not mention it there. It is beautiful and so easy to look at. So understated and elegant just like YOU!! Great Job! DJ!!! Kathysue

  4. I love the new look, it is beautiful!

  5. It's such a beautiful, elegant, simple and fresh design. Lovely and certainly a fabulous gift. Love from London, Carole xx

  6. Oh Sande, you are just the best. I don't know what to say with all the wonderful things you have said, I feel very humble. Thank you SO much.

    I learnt quite a few things doing this....and now I think I need a makeover!!

    Have fun honey,

    much love DJ

  7. Sande,
    I absolutely LOVE the new look! DJ definitely knows how to add her perfect touch of glam and freshness to anything, non?

  8. I love your new design, Sande. DJ did a amazing job. xo

  9. It is indeed lovely Sande. Christmas in April - what a concept!

  10. LOVE it & what a blessing she is! :)

  11. Dear Sande,
    What an absolutely brilliant job our friend Deej (as I call her !!) has done. It looks wonderful, modern, new and up to date and yet, it still has that Sande, A Gift wrapped Life, look. I think that's the really clever part.
    When I decide to get ' up to date', which could take me a few years (I'm not very good with change !!) I am going to ask Deej. She is amazing. XXXX

  12. Incredible job! Just as beautiful as your gift wrapping!

  13. Oh, Sande, between you and DJ this new design is over-the-top beautiful. Why am I not surprised? And I know, too, what a generous and wonderful person DJ is. What a treat for all of us to benefit from the combined talent of you two fabulous women! xo Gigi

  14. absolutely beautiful new blog design. lovely design for a lovely lady...yes, aren't fellow bloggers just the greatest gifts?

  15. I am so proud of and for you. The design is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Wonderful! Fabulous! Beautiful! Great Job!

  17. Sophisticated to a T!!!!

  18. Ive just found your blog and love it .Ive been reading older posts and came across your ldeas to help friends with cancer.My mum is under treatment at the moment and is going on well but I wanted to tell you things her friends have done for her that lifted her when things were rough.Taking away dirty laundry and bringing back freshly ironed pile.Changing water in vases, as you must not touch this.A magazine popped through the letter box early in the morning to go with breakfast instead of the doom and gloom of newspapers.A plate of her favorite cakes even if we ate them! Going with her for her treatment when it was impossiable for her husband to with her and stay in the carpark as sometimes its all too personal. A call a week ,a book, a flower a jest thats all. Sorry its a bit long ,keep up the good work I will be reading you .

  19. Like a breath of fresh air! You, your new layout, and DJ too!
    This is really great Sande. You have me really poking around and seeing new and interesting "rooms" at A Gift Wrapped Life. I love it all!
    xo Lisa

  20. Sande,

    I know I emailed you about how much I love this design, but I wanted DJA to also see my comment.
    I think she did a beautiful job and as others have stated, this blog design fits you perfectly!
    A+++ for both of you!

  21. I couldn't agree any less about DJA. She and your new blog layout are fabulous Sande. Your no slouch yourself you know?!! Thank goodness for wonderful blogging friends. x

  22. Hi Sande,
    This is just stunning. It is a gorgeous new look. Everything you do is flawless! I love the sidebar as we make comments and the header is amazing. Love it!!!! Who knew it could get even prettier!?!


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