Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mally Bibs...........a 'green" baby gift wrapped in red

"Can you make the gift look kind of Canadian Mom?" Oh, and I am leaving in an hour. Well yes..... but can I put a yellow duckie on it so it somewhat looks like a baby gift and not a box of maple syrup? My son loves theme gifts, babies, and his country so when he and his rotation partner wanted to give their US attending resident (eg. boss) a baby gift they wanted Canada written all over it. My son's partner found the Canada theme bib online which I thought was very resourceful of her and then they had me add in a few more things. Sophie the giraffe, the french teething sensation is peeking out of the box too. And yes, it is handy having a mother who can gift wrap at short notice.

I will admit when I first saw this leather bib with the Canadian maple leaf all over it, I wasn't overly excited. I love my country, the maple leaf emblem not so much. Then as I was wrapping I started to read the promotion material from Mally Bib that was tucked into the rear pocket and then this forgetful mature mother started to see the benefit.... it is actually a clever baby gift with some good practical sense. First and foremost, it is a soft 100% baby-safe biodegradable leather (it is beautifully soft) on both sides so it is wipeable instead of machine-washable which saves on laundry (water, electricity and detergent) and will protect those cute little outfits for a long time as a "green" bib choice. Secondly, the age-adjustable clasp is magnetized which makes it remarkably easy to take on and off, not to mention you can just stick it on the fridge for handy storage. Now that makes sense to me.

Mally Bibs was founded by Nicole Garza, a young mother of two and the handmade bibs are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada but these popular bibs ship all over the world. Canadian and US orders ship through Canada and international orders are handled by a European distributor to cut down on delivery times and shipping costs. There is a handy spill-pocket on the rear (or for a stash of cheerio snacks) that can be personalized in leather with the child's name. They feature a large variety of bib images such as planes, animals and cute little insects and they have a custom department as well. Maybe someday, I will order one with a little stethoscope? I am just saying......one day.

Of course there is a US version too, we are neighbors after all. Mally Bibs also has a Etsy shop under the name Mally Designs where they reuse and recycle any leather cuts into new product introductions. I am also going to state that Mally Bibs are much nicer "in person" than they show photographically. You know how picky I am about gifts. The more you look at the idea and the more you think about it, the more you may think like I did.........these just make sense and a great gift. I am off to order a few right now.

Photo 2 and 3 by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life/All other photographs used with permission from Mally Bibs


  1. Very clever gift and of course beautifully wrapped for the perfect presentation!! Fun ideas as always, Kathysue

  2. what wonderful bib ideas...and a beautifully wrapped gift...awesome everytime!

  3. Those bibs are really clever, especially as a refrigerator magnet.

  4. Love the wrapping...I love red! Great gift, wonderful presentation and lucky son to have you for a mom.

  5. Hi Sande,
    What a lovely mum you are. Your son has a mum that he can really rely on in the gift wrapping department ( and in many other departments, I'm sure !!)
    I LOVE the bib and, I really like the maple leaf emblem. You probably see so much of it that you are on maple leaf overload !! haha. The bib is so practical, environmentally friendly and will last for ages. A good choice of present.....but, the crowning glory is your wonderful gift wrapping skills. Your son's boss will be over the moon to receive it. XXXX

  6. How much fun these are!

    I'm so happy to hear you and your son are going to make some things form Cru. :-)) I hope you have fun and let me know how it goes.

    lots of love,

  7. You always find the coolest things!
    I rode my bicycle all weekend, but it's raining today. I'm on track now though and promise that I'll have some mileage for you by the end of the week. I'm so glad I'm finally on board. Just so you know, I've been walking regularly since you started this challenge so I'm feeling pretty good thanks to you!!

  8. Hi Sande ~ WHAT a find these bibs are, and as always, you have wrapped it up to PERFECTION! I think that my new little nephew just has to have one for the next big occasion! I remember having vinyl bibs and oilcloth ones as a choice, but never LEATHER....very clever and I imagine like all good leather, it will age nicely over time.
    Enjoy the week! xx P&H PS: LOVE your relationship with your son.

  9. How fun!!!! Love the duckie tie on...to cute :)

  10. I love the wrapping and the duck, it looks so "cool baby" instead of the usual pinks or pale blue. Fantastic! Your son's veeery lucky ;-) Love from London x

  11. Oh you are the best mum to your son. That is a fab job and such a fun looking one too.
    hugs DJ


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