Friday, April 2, 2010

Henri Bendel Regift Box 3...with Sunflower

Remember the Henri Bendel box I was regifting a few weeks ago? I forgot about this one as it got lost in the computer shuffle that was going on around here. I am calling it a Sunflower only because that's what it reminds me of......a happy sunflower.

I love chartreuse green and chocolate brown so I used a 1/4" wide grosgrain ribbon in chartreuse and a wider cotton one for banding the box. It is the ribbon that is hiding the store logo so you may want to glue it down over the logo. The label will cover it beautifully on it's own should you wish to delete the band. I like this effect with or without the band ribbon as it gives the presentation some dimension without ribbon bows. Some gifts and some people just don't suit bows, know what I mean?

It is as easy as it looks. Any one of us can do this easy technique. Simply cut ribbon lengths in a narrow ribbon and stick them to the adhesive back of a larger label. Just go along the edge because you still need a adhesive center to stick the label to the box. I kept the backing handy until I was ready to stick the label in position. I wasn't too precise as you can see with matching ribbon lengths and was being deliberately random to see the effect. I am going to experiment with this technique a bit more and see what I can come up with for you. In fact, I have an idea right now as I look at this.

I even like it moved off center with the ribbon over the box edge. Just for something different.

These Bon Voyage Labels are from a company called Cavallini & Co. As you know if you read this blog, these labels are a gift-wrapping girls best friend. These Bon Voyage Labels are vintage luggage labels and in sharper colours and stronger images than the Ephemera Stickers or Paris Labels which have a more feminine style. Good gift wrapping value as each tin has anywhere from 24-48 labels of varying size and retails for about $16.00. Bon Voyage Labels are great to have on hand if you do male-gender gift wrapping. I use these labels in all of the styles for tissue wrapping, box and bag regifting, and over the back flap of any envelope. I just think they make anything more fun to open.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Sande - I love this sunflower ribbon! You are so creative. And those stickers are terrific aren't they? I've run out of the Bon Voyage ones and need to restock soon.

  2. Your gift looks so nice and thank you for the tip on the labels. They look like they would be great to have on hand!

  3. this is one beautiful box. the chartreuse against the stripe is outstanding. My heart did a little skip when I saw the thumbnail in my reader and I couldn't wait to open up your blog to see the full image. I imagine that is what it feels like getting one of your beautiful presentations...thank you so much for the inspiration...

  4. You never cease to amaze me, just so creative!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and if you celebrate, a very happy Easter!

  5. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly make this box any more exciting....I love it!!!

  6. Sande, I love,love the brown stripes with the lime green it is stunning. Love the idea of a sunflower shape. You are just so clever. Love your packaging!! Kathysue

  7. You are so talented, it's fun to come over and see what you are doing!

  8. You are so creative! Love the color combo. I'm learning a lot from you. Great ideas!

  9. Dear Sande~
    Happy Easter Girlfriend!! This wrapping is Of Course nothing but

    ~A M A Z I N G~
    ~B E A U T I F U L~

    Biggest Hugs Ever!!

    p.s. I did get your email~ I will catch up with you sooner than later:)

  10. Hi Sande,
    Just stopping in to wish you a beautiful, blessed, treasured Easter holiday. Thank you for your endless creative ideas, your boundless creativity, and your grace. You are always one of my very favorites to visit! Happy Easter!!!

  11. Bonjour Sande,
    More marvelous gift ideas. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend!

  12. How lucky your friends and family are to receive such beautifully and creatively wrapped gifts from you! Just lovely.

  13. If you ever send me a gift, please make sure the box is empty. There is NO WAY ON EARTH that anything you have wrapped is EVER getting unwrapped... You are magical my friend~
    Have a lovely Easter weekend,

  14. Sande,

    You really are a wellspring of creativity and talent. This grosgrain sunburst is such a ingenious way of using ribbon.
    Another very inspiring post.
    Have a Happy Easter,

  15. Happy Easter your Majesty! Love this wonderful idea! The color combination is great!

    Have a Royale holiday!

  16. Okay Sande, I've just gotten my injection of beauty over here! Have missed you.

    I'm with you on the chocolate, lavender, and eggplant mentioned on a previous post. My favorite combo and one that I use in my living room.

    Now, speaking of chocolate...I'm ready for a chocolate Easter egg.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  17. You are INCREDIBLY creative!!! On my best day, I never would have come up with this! Have a lovely Easter!

  18. Sande,
    I have not commented for some time, but I am so happy to see that you are still up to your goodness, wrapping and gifting to each of us creative ideas for artful wraps.


Your comments are such a lovely addition to my day. Thank you.


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