Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Bunny and Uggs

I have noticed that plenty of expectant mothers are keeping the baby gender a surprise or secret these days. That means no pink and no blue. Since elegant babies and subdued ivory just seem to go together that was what I searched for when I recently went hunting for a special baby shower gift. Is there anything more fun than shopping for a baby gift? When I found this incredibly plush bunny rabbit and then found the ivory cashmere blanket I was more than happy, heck....I wanted to keep them for myself. I could use a luxurious cuddle now and again too. When I found the baby Uggs I just couldn't resist adding them though they are more than wonderful as a single gift. Rather than wrap up each item individually as I normally do I set up all the items on a cushion of tissue paper. I wanted the mother-to-be to open the box and have Mr. Bunny sitting up waiting for the new baby to arrive with all the baby goodies surrounding him. When I got home I added in a copy of The Tales of the Floopsy Bunny and a set of unisex burp cloths.

The sweetest lamb is on the cover of these blank cards that can also be used as a shower invite. I keep a good stash of these blank cards and use them for any baby-related occasion. If it was a birth I might hand write ~Welcome to the World ~ on the front. This precious lamb even has a little die cut bell on his (or her) ribboned neck. That my card stash matched my ivory-toned gift was just plain luck. I think I am going to do this all-ivory theme for future baby gifts.

This was one big ivory store box that I really didn't think needed any gift wrap paper and as you know I don't think that way too often. A bit of unisex green striped ribbon and this special delivery was good to go.

These baby Uggs are simply the most adorable gift.
Keep these in mind for the next baby gift.
I wonder if it will be a little girl or a little boy who will be wearing these soon?

*Just to clarify the price of the Ugg Erin baby booties as a reader comment suggested they were $100.00. The Uggs shown are called Erin baby booties and the colour is chestnut. The retail price is $50.00 US and can be ordered online in from the UggAustralia (click here) US website.

Speaking of bunnies, I hope you enjoy a delicious chocolate one this weekend.
Happy Easter!
All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh those little Uggs are so cute!
    A friend had a baby a few months ago and we didnt know the gender...I wound up buying everything in pink AND blue and she had a girl so I returned the blue stuff :O) I wish I had been able to find nice neutral pieces and saved myself the running around lol!

  2. Sande, the UGGS are adorable!! Your wrapping choices are terrific as well!

    Art by Karena

    Art Giveaway is up on my site so come and join in!

  3. absolutely lovely, especially the uggs - terrific idea...

  4. I just had this conversation with a friend. Indeed its once again become the fashion to wait for the birth but I groan....yellow or the awful sage green that so many companies use, pass. I've traditionally done a prenatal spa day for a gift & then take care of baby once he/she arrives. The UGG boots thats a fab idea. Chocolate bunnies & family time wishes for you this Easter.

  5. I am going to be grammy to a baby in June...son and his lovely wife do not know the sex of the baby either so I have bought neutrals and am knitting one pink and one blue sweater...I saw those Uggs at shop and was gobsmacked that they were $100...I also saw a Burberry shirt for $130...Grammy is going to need to get another job!!
    I am over the moon with excitement, knitting and counting the weeks.

  6. Dear Readers,
    The Ugg Baby Booties pictured in the post retail for $50.00 US not $100.00 as suggested by a reader comment above. Perhaps she was thinking of older child versions.

  7. I've decided that I wnat to be on the receiving end of your gift giving. The gift, the wrapping, the card...perfection.

  8. Bonjour Sande,
    The Uggs are adorable. What sweet surprises await this mother-to-be will.
    Happy Eater to you too;

  9. Sande,
    I absolutely love the idea of ivory or creme de la creme colored themed baby gifts! When the crumb was awaiting her arrival, we only purchased ivory items ~ so chic (and we even knew she was going to be a girl)! However, once she was placed in my arms, I knew she would be ALL girl, so the pink just rolled right on in!
    Beautiful gift you assembled and the mama-to-be will definitely go nuts over this one!

  10. Dear Sande,
    Well, I wish that you had been my friend when I had my chilren !! haha. What a fabulous gift to receive. I can't think of a nicer gift..... and SO beautifully wrapped. Those gift cards are perfect, too.
    Have a lovely Easter, Sande. XXXX

  11. The all ivory is such a beautiful presentation and the gifts so very sweet. The expectant mother is sure to be delighted.

  12. This is such a beautiful gift! I imagine any expectant mother would be thrilled to open that gift. And OH! those baby uggs are so cute! Adorable!

  13. I am expecting a nephew in 4 weeks (This is my first time being an aunt whoo hoo) and I would love to know the brand of the bunny and the blanket if you have it. Thank you, Paula

  14. This is such a sweet gift Sande....I am loving those little Aussie Uggs.
    Have a very happy Easter and may the chocolate giving bunny be extremely generous in your home, xv.

  15. this post and photos are so gorgeous and touched me on the spiritual level today --what a blessing you are! thank you so much! hugs, Jenn


    Wishing you and yours a beautiful Easter Sande!

    Much love,

  17. Oh my God, this has to be the most beautiful baby post I have ever seen!!! these are the exact same colours that I decided to use for my daughter's nursery, as much as I love pink, you cannot beat the ultimate class and sophistication of ivory creme, we have beautiful fur throws in ivory as well as a cashmere quilt set - absolute luxury, the touch of chocolate you have added ensures it's 'on trend' with colours right now. Thanks for the wonderful post, look forward to more baby posts and decor for little people, because they too deserve some nice things!!!
    P.S we Australians adore our uggs, I'm so happy to read that you all do too!!
    Happy Easter, from Sydney, Australia.
    Regards, Helen M.

  18. Glad you like are uggs Sande they are so warm & cosy the baby ones are so cute hey! have a good easter, I sorted out my friends gift in the end (phew).

  19. The Uggs and all the wrappings of this gift are wonderful.

    The bunny, ah, the bunny is so soft and floppy and sweet. I gave it as part of a first birthday present for a grandniece, but when I bought it I just had to get another to set aside for the granddaughter we were expecting. Mr. Bunn, as we have taken to calling him, is playing in the new baby's crib (well, mom and grandmom and granddad and auntie have all played with it already).

    I have a baby shower next month and think I will hop on over and get yet another - and only hope my wrapping will be as pretty as yours.

  20. What a beautiful gift! That's one lucky mommy!! My girls both had those litte uggs, they are so sweet, warm and lovely! You have a fabulous blog + I look forward to following. xo

  21. i just discovered you. and so glad i did. your wrapping takes my breath away. i aspire to be as thoughtful as you.

  22. Lovely, I am a huge fan of cream & whites.....
    Just wonderful imagery.

  23. you cannot beat the ultimate course and sophistication of ivory creme, we have fabulous fur throws in ivory too like a cashmere quilt established - complete luxury, the touch of chocolate you have additional guarantees it's 'on trend' with colours best now.


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