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Papo d' Anjo..........for discerning mothers everywhere

I love a good retail story. And this is a really, really good one. One about children's fashions, the precious kind that you want to keep and pass down for generations to come. The old fashioned way. Before I begin, the literal translation of  Papo d' Anjo is "tummy of an angel", the name given to a very special cake whose recipe dates back to 13th century Portugal. Now.........back to that good story.

There is a bit of romance behind the beginings of  Papo d' Anjo. An American woman meets a Portuquese man, falls in love, marries him, moves to Lisbon, Portugal and has two daughters. The American is Catherine Monteiro de Barios and as the founder of Papa d' Anjo she realized fifteen years ago that there might be an American market for the high-quality European childrens fashions that are manufactured the old-fashioned way. By old fashioned way I mean literally made-by-hand, the artisan hands of the Portuguese seamstresses using the finest of fabrics imported from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and England. The softest of cotton, prints from Liberty of  London, madras, and cashmere. In a sense, the founder also honoured an old-fashioned and time-honoured way of growing her business here in North America. Twice a year, in over 100 US cities, Papo d' Anjo holds Trunk Shows at homes and shops where discerning mothers can meet with dedicated and knowledgeable hostesses over a three day period to pre-order clothing for their little angels. This past March, the New York Trunk Show was at the Carlye Hotel, where you might have rubbed cashmere shoulders with the Trumps.

Located in the heart of Lisbon, the design and production planning offices of  Papa d' Anjo are still located on the top floor of an 18th century building overlooking the Tagus river and six of Lisbons storied hills. These days, the exclusive children's line is also sold in Papo stores in Europe (Lisbon and Madrid), now in the United States and on their website. In-store boutiques are located in Harrods , London and stateside in New York at Bergdorf Goodman. As a gift source, the website will ship anywhere in the world which is why I thought to share this story and source. Due to popular request, Papo d' Anjo recently added baby Gift Baskets, which are available in three sizes and range from $99.00 to $399.00. Filled with a variety of  exquisite nursery gifts and their plush Rabbit, the pique-lined basket is one of their most popular keepsake and presented in their signature Italian-made gift box as shown above. How's that for presentation when you have a baby gift to send to someone special across the world? Or here in North America.

Some may consider it a rarified world of childrens fashion, they even have a Bespoke Collection where you can custom order clothing suitable for special occasions such as a Baptism or the upcoming Flower Girl. The collection gently oozes of innocence and classic quality for those that want to send a very special gift. Like the simple but gorgeous Hippie Dress shown above (79.00). The grandchild in Germany, the niece in Italy, the nephew in New York........all the innocent angels everywhere. Sometimes one classic and beautifully-made item is a rare and wonderful thing.

Papo d' Anjor website (click here) Papo Blog (click here) and US Toll Free Number is 888-660-6111 Europe Toll Free Number is 00800-6606-1111. A catalogue is available through the website. So is the recipe for those divine little cakes.

All photos used with permission of Papo d' Anjo


  1. How absolutely divine! These little lovelies might just tempt me to have another, so I can't look for too long! ;)
    On my way to check it out!

  2. I had ordered from them in the past and the quality really is lovely. They are definitely being saved for the next generation, and make a lovely gift as well. They used to put the recipe for those divine little cakes in the catalog - do they still do that? I have it somewhere if you are interested.

  3. Sande, these are so adorable! LOve that you featured them!

    Art by Karena

  4. Dear Sande~

    Oh So Beautiful!! Where are the Angels as they say?....This page Sandegirl is pure Heaven now!!

    What a beautiful story about Papa d' Anjo AND beautiful packaging, looks like LADUREE!! I'm on my way over there with a shopping bag on my shoulder:) Now, if only I had a grand bebeee!!!

    Much love sent to YOU from ME today!

  5. I would love to receive an heirloom gift like this!

  6. Those little white dresses are darling for a summer portrait. It is nice to know there are larger companies that keep true to handmade.

  7. Oh those little shoes!
    Those charming sunhats!

  8. Oh wow, how totally beautiful. This really is so gorgeous...I need to find a small child quickly...he he.

    Wonderful post,
    xoxo DJ

  9. Absolutely lovely - I miss old-fashioned children's clothes!!! The child/tween section of department stores these days sends me into shudders. Skin tight dresses? Cheetah print saint? I DON'T think so!!! This is refreshing - and as I know of several new ones coming into the world, very handy!

  10. What beautiful children's clothing! Have a great weekend, Sande! xo

  11. Absolutely ADORABLE...beautiful pieces that would surely become family heirlooms for future generations.
    Did I mention in my previous comment that I love the music on your blog?...wonderful and calming.

  12. Beautiful! I will be ordering from them! My cousin is expecting his first child in July and I have been looking for something like this. Thank you!!

  13. Oh how wonderful!!! Sande, you have posted another wonderful baby blog, thank you so much, you're right, children's clothing is not the same, the hand made and quality finishes is indeed a rare thing these days so I am absolutely loving this!!! so glad they ship internationally since I'm in Sydney Australia, love the history and romance too...well I'm off to have a look at the website, untill next time, take care, Helen M.

  14. Hi Sande,
    I am so glad I found your marvellous blog!

  15. Sande, what a special, special gift this would be to recieve for a first child, so precious. Those little blonde angels have perfect little faces, amazing looking children. Thank you for sharing this wonderful find, Kathysue

  16. I just got back from my first BIKE ride of the season and sat down at my computer to check out blogs. I came across yours. Wow! I want to join you with your bike challenge!!
    Must do a post about this soon...

  17. Glad to be back, your new blog is looking gorgeous Sande, sorry I didnt get to do the cycling in the end my busy family & work just hasnt made it possible :( however having my parents stay has helped & I have got in to the Zumba craze, which I love so much so my excersise will have to be that until I get chance to get the bike out. glad to see you are feeling better to get out there now your summer has started! :)


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