Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vintage Vogue

Liz Lange - Domino

Using vintage Vogue magazine covers has always been a favorite design look. I always wanted to do this, it makes for a highly visual wall of glamour doesn't it? These ones are shown framed tight and with an exact frame fit. If you have a spot for just a couple, you could matt them with a wide border to extend the size and impact. Conde Nast has a vast online library of reproductions, fashionable covers from Vogue, House & Home, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Gourmet, and an older magazine called Charm which I vaguely remember. They aren't inexpensive, a 12" x 14" will set you back about 185.00 US but are of a magnificant exhibit quality. The fun is in the searching for a cover or photo that has meaning to you, whether it subject matter or date.

The early days of civilized air travel..... I seemed to prefer the older illustration covers. This one is from a January 1, 1947 issue of Vogue Travel and was drawn by illustrator Carl Erickson. This would be a great gift pick for the travelling friend or a fashionable travel agent.

See you later darlin....
another wonderful illustration by Carl Erickson for a November 15. 1938 Vogue issue.

It's fascinating to see the progression of cover artwork, this quaint Vogue illustration by David is from 1910!

Yachting by Edward Steichen 1928

The Conde Nast archives also includes photography. It was in the Vanity Fair archives that I found that fabulous shot of Katherine Hepburn that I used in my Friday Finally post a few weeks back. I think I should buy that image........especially since Vanity Fair is my top magazine read each month.

Top photo from Domino archives on Flickr/All other illustrations and photos from Conde Nast


  1. This is one of my favorite photos from Domino. I have a similar collection from several different vintage fashion mags which is endlessly inspiring and reminds me why I went into fashion in the first place. Sometimes I need that little lift...

  2. Lovely post.....I have a group just waiting for frames - oh, and a wall on which to hang them (minor details)....since I am a milliner, they are all illustrations of women with great hats, most are 1920's. You are so right about them being great gifts!

  3. If only they still did covers like this... I would LOVE to paint one... sigh!
    Take a look at this link... it is a reproduction of the cover of your next read...

  4. I have a penchant for fashion illustrations from this era, as well as photos. I love the elegance. Great idea for a young chic thing with a first apartment or for a salon.

  5. What a fabulous decorating idea! If only I hadn't read a book on simplifying one's life because I thew out years and years of Vogue into the recycling bin.

  6. These are very cool, Sande! Great idea!

  7. Great post...i love the wall full of frame vogue covers!

  8. your blog is a jewel! i am so glad i found you!!!

    i will be linking to you right away!!

  9. These vintage Vogue are amazing! I like the covered wall !!


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