Thursday, April 16, 2009

Janet Hill Studios

I met artist Janet Hill via a favorite blog called Beautiful Things To Share where I head for daily doses of all things gorgeous, go visit Charmaine {click here} she has a remarkable beauty-radar and colour sense to her blog posts. To my surprise, Janet Hill is located in Stratford, Ontario, a few hours drive from me. In blogger world that's like being right next door and I'm delighted to tell you about my talented new Canadian neighbor. For Janet Hill who was told by one of her professors where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts that "it is almost impossible to be a full-time artist unless you were prepared for a lot of rejection and a lot of hardship", she has discovered that the world of technology and art can successfully merge. "For a while I struggled with the idea of selling online because it didn't seem serious enough" says this artist but "I figured that if the Impressionists could pull away from Realism, I could embrace modern technology". Thank heavens for us that she re-thought that prof's advice.

Irises - original oil painting. Sold

Janet Hill is entering her second year of full-time painting, before that she owned a gift store in Stratford, Ontario for six years which was located in a historic building with great wall space. "I started hanging my paintings in the shop, mostly to create atmosphere, but people started to buy them, then coming in to just look at the paintings". The decision to paint full-time coincided with the popularity of Etsy, the popular global marketplace where the creative crowd can individually sell their artistic wares. Janet Hill Studio started small on her now-popular Etsy shop, offering 3" x 5" paintings and "they slowly started to get bigger as they sold". And yes, though located in Canada, she does ship to the United States and elswhere.

The Seduction Print- available on Etsy

Her original oil paintings go fast. She posts her canvases on her blog where they are often sold before they hit her Etsy shop. It's best to follow her blog and act quickly or contact her if you have a favorite image. She paints quite quickly it appears and many of her popular images are available as prints, the Seduction Print above sells for $10.00 and fits a 8" x 10" frame. I think a cross section of her gorgeous interior images would make for a gorgeous wall collection. Not all images are available in print format, she says some just don't convert as well as you would guess, so again, act fast if there's an original oil canvas you just love.

Janet is just starting to offer her work in the form of single notecards. I'm hoping she offers more soon. Real soon.

Two Red Sofas - 16" x 20" Original Oil.

An recent and original oil painting posted last week on her blog and now for sale for $280.oo US in her Etsy shop. Get moving, it's still for sale I think.

Perfume - Original Oil Painting. Sold

I found this little favorite of mine in her blog {click here} archives from 2008. Spend some time to go through her blog archives for a look on her creative progression and view "I call these painting my oil sketches because they are quick impressions of people, interiors, table settings and other household objects". She blames the Canadian winters for her "strong interest in the beauty of interiors", I think her fabulous talent would show up in any climate.

All images from Janet Hill Studio.


  1. Hope you like this Janet, your drawings make for a pretty, pretty post.

  2. Hi Sande! Sorry, I sent that to your e-mail. Rather than respond on my own comments section I sometimes just respond via my e-mail notices. Sorry for the confusion. I am so glad you asked me to come by because I didn't see this post on my updates! It's beautiful, I can't wait to check out more of Janet's stuff. It's just gorgeous and such so inspirational! I love the colors and the sof, feminine, romantic, feel of these! Pretty! I hope you get all of your computer stuff resolved, I hate it when mine acts up! Have a great day!

  3. Janet is wonderful and her work exudes tranquility.
    Lovely art.

  4. What lovely paintings. At first glance I thought Irises was a photograph of her store...

  5. So so pretty~ Thank you for always showing such beauty!

  6. Sande, Janet's paintings are just beautiful!

    This is the second artist, your blog has brought to my attention.
    Thank You!


  7. Hi Sande,

    Thank you for doing such a lovely post about my work. Enjoy the sun!

  8. I absolutely love Janet's work! She is incredibly talented and has such a delicate, detailed quality to her pieces. Thanks for posting these, Sande, and have a terrific weekend!

  9. hi Sande! this is such a beautiful post of Janet Hill's work. i am a major big fan of hers. i also wanted to say thank you for the shot out. you are so sweet! i think the link is not correct. when i click on it, it leads to a another blog. just wanted to let you know. thank you, and stay fabulous!

    God bless,

  10. I love her style! Thanks for sharing!


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