Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger award

My lovely new blogger friend Mandy from A La Parisienne and my long-distance French teacher {click here for her French Fridays} recently awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you Mademoiselle Mandy! In order to accept it I have to post the award logo, then tell you 7 interesting things about myself and then in turn, pass this award on to 7 other blogs. I will post my 7 blog award recipients in a future post so I can do them justice. Hmmmm........where to start?

How about 7 things I really shouldn't be telling anyone?
  1. I like my pajamas way too much. Technically, I am only 'dressed" for about 6 hours a day. This was particularly obvious during Jan. Feb. and March when it got dark about 5:00 pm and my husband gets home about 6. I knew I had gone too far with this casual dress when my husband finally said "weren't you wearing that this morning when I left?" I still think Hugh Hefner has the right idea.
  2. I eat the same things every morning and every evening snack. I only vary the dinner meal. I do make sure I make my hard-working spouse a delicious dinner each night. He's on his own for breakfast and lunch. My low-cal evening snack is a caramel chocolate chip rice cake topped with no-fat peach yogurt, fresh strawberry slices and toasted slivered almonds. A yummy open-face sandwich treat.
  3. I absolutely hate doing my hair these days. It's going grayer, thinner, and is totally uncooperative. Sometimes I forget and have rollers in for hours while I wrap or blog. The UPS guy thinks that is my permanent hairdo and my hairdresser calls frequently to ask if I am alright. Yes I am.
  4. I used to read about 5-6 books a week, speed reader and all. Now I fall asleep when I read. I really, really miss reading but have discovered a latent interest in history to replace fiction reads. For now.
  5. I do not miss my former career as interior designer at all, not one bit. I did it for 20 years and it is a tough, tough job which requires youth and energy. I do miss my client gal-pals though and keep in contact with many on a regular basis. Hug your designer if you have one.
  6. I absolutely love good conversation. If no one is around, I will carry on a delightful conversation in my head to amuse myself. I enjoy this quieter pace but will admit blogging has helped a great deal.
  7. Since blogging, I have developed several deep lines on the bridge of my nose right between my eyes, a wider butt (which I am working on), and a bad attitude with my dress code. I have googled Botox 40 times but I am really wussy with pain. Any pain.
  8. An extra just to clarify.....I really, really enjoy being 55 years old. After all, I'm still here.

This should answer the Botox question.....here is Lauren Hutton in 1966 and then not too long ago in a Gap ad. Looking fabulously Botox free. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Bottom left photo by Bert Stern-Vogue -Conde Nast/Bottom Right Photo from Hello Gorgeous blog.


  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved award!

  2. Loved reading your seven things - fantastic, xv.

  3. Congrats on the award! Certainly deserved. I love the Hutton photos - I have to say, I think I like her better now! She has such a unique presence that doesn't come through at all in her earlier images.

  4. Very Funny. I have also thought about all the things I don't mention on my blog. Stick to your guns with the botox free life. Women look beautiful when they are beautifully looking their age and always a little ridiculous when trying too hard to be what they are not.

  5. A very funny list. I can so relate. Stick to your guns with the botox free life. Women look beautiful when they accept their age and accentuate the beauty that comes with it.

  6. A well-deserved award to a gem of a blogger! So fun to read your answers, Sande. You sound like an utterly likable person!

  7. Congrats on the award!! I'm so glad I just found your blog... LOVE it :)

    xo Laura

  8. Love your blog! Very fun to read!


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