Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Bows.....just ribbon

After last week's feedback comments, I got to thinking, "what if you really can't tie a bow? Some people struggle with a tying a bow, though I tend to think it's often the quality of ribbon that makes all the difference. The ribbon quality you find in your mall card shop isn't ever going to "bow" nicely, I hate to be the one telling you that, but it's true. I had this gorgeous little gift card that is a card line I am looking to add to the website and it had me playing with this whisper-soft green ribbon and just letting it drop, seeing where it went. You know I can't explain these impulses that I have when it comes to wrapping. It's a fragile silk hem ribbon, tie too snugly and it starts to split.... so the less it is handled the better. I kind of liked this uncontrived look and simply let it move into soft curves and then rolled pieces of double-sided tape in a few spots to hold it's position. Then I tied in those paper roses (they have wires) at random spots. Now, you tell me when you look at the bottom photo........

It needs those paper roses. Otherwise it looks like someone
forgot to tie up their ribbons! Actually the effect is much better when
you see it "in person", as you can see my photo skills have not
improved much. I have a real love-hate relationship with technology.

Just curious, so I ordered this little book called Chic Shopping Paris by shopaholic and francophile Rebecca Morginant. She has a Paris guide website and blog, but appears she is away right now taking care of her new bambino. The handy purse-size Paris shopping, museum and restaurant reference guide is a lovely book gift for the Paris traveling friend{click here to order}
All three photos by Sande Chase - Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Gorgeous green shade Sande - love the whimsy of the ribbon like this, xv.

  2. You are such a genius!
    I love my morning visits to your blog!
    I'm doing a give-away on my blog if you interested in winning some jewelry :-)

  3. That was quick! Thanks for entering my give-away!

  4. You have such a beautiful way with wrapping, Sande! I love everything you come up with.

  5. what a cool little book...and lovely wrapping to boot!

  6. Salut,Sande,
    I just love this idea! Yes, I am one who has a love-hate relationship with tying bows! This idea with the flowers is great, and I LOVE using silk hemtape as a ribbon on many of my crafts. Is it okay if I use one of your images for French Lesson Fridays? We are learning a little bit of vocabulary and one of the words is "cadeau." I will make a link to your blog if I use one of your images. Bonne journee!

  7. So pretty Sande! I love it! I love everything you do! :) The color is stunning!

  8. Beautiful ribbons - I never would have thought to use them as you have. It's a nice change from bows. Have fun at the symphony!


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