Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Armful of Lilacs

When I think of spring I think of lilacs and their incredible fragrance. I used to pick them on my way home from school and bring them by the armful to my mom. There's a mature tree across the street that is laden with them every spring, I keep hinting but as yet none have shown up at my door. I got to thinking of this luscious colour yesterday after mentioning it as the complementary colour to chartreuse and then it showed up on another blog (see below), off I went........it's a day of luscious lilac. Actually it will be two days, tomorrow's post is the colour purple, Easter week and all that. Oprah had a chartreuse sweater on yesterday afternoon, did anyone else notice that? This gorgeous image of Lovely Lilacs is available from a Canadian Etsy seller by the name of Broomhill Pictures, see their beautiful selection of cards and photo prints {click here}. This one is a 4"x 6" glossy print mounted on a 5"x 7" card at 4.50 Can. with envelope.

The box colour would be considered lavender, the sheer ribbon more lilac toned, either way they look more interesting when combined. Sometimes I forget about my check ribbons, not because I don't like them, they are just stored in a spot where I don't notice them as much. Note to self: Move check ribbons forward and order silk lilacs. They would look gorgeous on this box.

It sometimes happens (actually more than you would think-weirdly so) that you are working away on your post and up comes a completed post about the same topic. Blogger friend Mandy from the french-themed A La Parisienne used this lovely photo and did a beautiful post yesterday titled Le Couleur Violet, sounds so much better in French don't you think? But it gets even weirder, not only did we both pick the same blog topic (or colour in this case) but I was actually writing about her French-themed blog and the new French Lesson Fridays that she just started on her blog last Friday. The former French teacher (and new mom) has put her blog students into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and has a lovely set of rules for us to follow. I'm thinking I'll do much better this time around, Mandy is way nicer than my rigid high-school French teacher. C'est magnifique! I learnt that last Friday....go see.

Here's a lilac petite gift combined with orange.......c'est adorable! But this is definitely feminine.....so I may be wrong saying c'est in this case......may have to move down from beginner to novice level. Sometimes I add in a little extra surprise, in this case a petite spool of velvet ribbon in a strawberry pink. C'est la surprise?

Top photo from Etsy/2nd and bottom photo by Sande Chase-Oooh la la Cadeau/3rd photo from Domino via A La Parisienne.


  1. This is such a lovely post, it made my day a little better! Looking at that first picture, I can already feel the smell. And your gifts are beautiful as usual. thanks for this post, really:)


  2. Sande, Oh la la - the lilac photo and the orange and orchid gift and that bright velvet pink spool of velvet ribbon! Oh my, I love your unique color combinations! It makes me want to go paint something, create something, wrap something!!! Thanks for mentioning my blog- you always say the kindest things. Oh, and you haven't been moved down in French levels. Your French is magnifique!

  3. Loving this lilac! Wow! And your gift wrapping.. I could only dream of making mine so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely!
    x Trina

  4. Gosh... I would pay to have you wrap me up this pretty!

  5. After reading your last post, I did notice Oprah's chartreuse top yesterday! And then, when I did my meditation walk in the afternoon, the setting sun made the green hills chartreuse as the light changed! Couldn't help but think of your lovely photos as I walked through the color. And another fine post!


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