Monday, April 27, 2009

Pouf Wrap

There is a corner in my store room with remnants of my former life as an interior designer. It's not that I have been ignoring these pieces of low yardage fabric, I've just been waiting to experiment with them a bit. I don't sew and this is a disadvantage for my next little project....fabric gift wrapping. This isn't a new's just people feel a bit strange doing it I think. Maybe afraid you'll look like cheap Aunt know what I mean. Of course it may mean you just want to save these remnants, a clever idea will come along and you'll be sewing them up like crazy, gorgeous sachets for everyone next holiday. It won't happen, here anyways so gift wrap makes sense to use these up. Figuring out the right size that makes sense for general gift wrapping is a bit of a challenge..........then I had a duh... moment, I'll make three sizes. So this photo is just my experimenting, take the fabric, gather, twist, then pull out the top to pouf and quickly secure with ribbon. I haven't sew the edges yet so I have a voluminous amount of "pouf" but I like it, gives it a faux-couture look. I know......the silk ribbon doesn't hurt either. And yes, I know you can do this look with a scarf as well and I might just try it coming up.

I think the Aunt Minnie look everyone fears is possible if the fabric is too cute (unless that's the gift theme). If the fabric is opulent like this embroidered floral silk, I think your gift just got upgraded. Fabric gift wrap makes sense these days, it can be re-used, recycled, and regifted many, many times over. I can see this look twisting in many directions, Pucci, gorgeous chiffon, lots of possibilities. You can use pinking shears if the fabric is casual and fun, anything more elegant will need edges sewn. Watch for clear-out pricing on fabric remnants, especially raw silk as it has the stiffness needed for a good "pouf". Anything slinky is going to fall more than pouf, though not a bad idea either. You're going to feel positively "green" with your regift wrap. As soon as I confirm the sizes I will post again on this idea.

Little Side Tip: If you can't quite work fast enough to tie the ribbon while holding the pouf, then use an elastic band, then tie the ribbon bow. If careful, you can then go back under and carefully snip the elastic.

Both photos by Sande Chase - Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Gorgeous
    I love all you share

  2. Sande,
    Love the Pouf idea! I too have so many pretty scraps of little special pieces all over.. They will be perfect gift toppers! It is amazing how it takes so little to make a present look so special but sometimes it is so hard to do. This is why we all need YOU!

  3. Just wanted to say that if you can ride a bike you must wear converse Sande! Love your fabric wrap, xv.

  4. Hi Sannde! What a great Poufe idea! I'll have to try it. As alway a wonderful post!!!

  5. hi Sande! i am loving this creation. the pouf is gorgeous! your creations are always sooooo beautiful. love the colors.

    God Bless,


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