Monday, April 20, 2009

A Continuous Talent

Though I consider myself low-maintenance at this point in my life ( can hear hysterical laughing from the males around here, but don't listen to them) when you purchase as many anti-aging skin products as I do at our local Shoppers Drug store, they give you a copy of their in-house fashion magazine called Glow. Truthfully, the only fashion magazine I read is Vogue and that's for the articles, so these glossy giveaways usually end up in the recycle bin. But for some reason that day I did flip through quickly and just happened to notice the article titled "How Busy are You?" and then really noticed these fabulous ink drawings by Toronto-based artist Rachel Ann Lindsay. Forget trying to understand my tendency to procrastinate ..... who is this artist? I loved this drawing message so aptly drawn and thought it summed up the feeling most of us have these days, those lists never go away. I don't care how you juggle it, though the article did have some good points, but I will think about those later...... What makes this fresh talent truly remarkable is her technique......... these are drawn in ink in one continuous line! Simply put....she does not lift her superfine pen at any time until the illustration is complete. The young Sheridan College grad explains this ability "on my confident days it's like meditation. Drawing in ink limits you in some ways as there is no going revising. Once a line is drawn, there it is. I throw out a lot of drawings. It's important to try and stay unattached".
"The lines that are disappointments to me at first, then seem perfect when I look at them later, that becomes a source of joy to me. I love to draw people, there is so much beauty in a person's face and gestures."

Rachel's website { click here} has a cool feature, it opens with one of her illustrations being drawn in this continuous line technique. Her portfolio, which includes magazine illustration work for corporate clients across North America and portrait drawings (contact Rachel for more information on this service) is worth the website visit. I love the chandelier, the retro hair dryer ladies, the staircase (all on her website), they make you realize how unique this line talent ability is and invites the viewer's scrutiny.....where does that line begin and end? A young lady of continuous talent.

Illustration image use courtesy of Rachel Ann Lindsay


  1. Those are great drawings. I do some painting and sketching, but my main interest is writing - and photography.

  2. What a lovely blog you have!!

  3. Thank you for the introduction, Sande. Her technique is amazing.


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