Friday, April 17, 2009

" La La Loves You" Gift Giveaway

Wall Sculpture by South African artist Brett Murray

Unless Oprah calls and says "Sande, we want you to be our exclusive gift wrapper and we're going to order 1,000 gifts this month (I'd be ready, but I don't see that happening anytime soon!) I better get my Oooh la la Cadeau website in order. I feel I have been a bit unfair........I wrap and post items that I say will be on the website soon and then have been slow in getting these products photographed and up for sale. But truth be known, your comments and this blog have been so helpful in defining what my gift website should be as it shifts once more. I'm gearing up for a big re-do but I have been stalling.....and I'm not sure why. Life has changed, the economy has certainly changed forever, so my instinct is that you still want gifts, but smaller choices, petite cadeau, still beautifully wrapped of course. It isn't that what I'm doing isn't working, I'm just getting a vibe that it needs to shift. Maybe I'm too extravagant in my gift wrapping? Do you want simpler wrapping choices? Maybe you even want to wrap your own, should I offer you the Wrap Room section I have been mentioning? Rolls of gift wrap with coordinating ribbon so you can do your own thing? I would love to know what you want in your gift giving and how to give it to you. I believe in thoughtful gifting because it makes women feel so special, I also believe I can do it well. I just want to do it better.

Maybe Oprah would say to follow my instincts,
but I would love to hear from you.

If you have a few spare moments over the next 2 weeks and can drop in to my gift website {click here}and have any thoughts, suggestions, input, ideas, or even criticism on what you see, I would be thrilled to hear it (even the bad stuff said in a nice way). If you are blog comment-shy, feel free to email your comments to, I will still enter you in the giveaway. Keep in mind I do promote other gift sources in the interest of being blog impartial, so no I don't have any guilt asking this favour this one time. But, I don't expect feedback for nothing, so now the really fun part...

La La 8.5 x 11 Poster - Sparkle Power at Etsy

" La La Loves You" Gift Giveaway

If you comment on this blog post in reply to this feedback request before April 30th, your name will be entered in a giveaway draw at which time one of you gals will be the happy recipient of a Oooh la la Cadeau gift. If you comment and already are or become a new follower, you will get 2 votes - double the chances of winning! I will blog announce the winner on Friday, May 1st. And no, it doesn't matter where you live, the gift will find you. It's my son's birthday on the 30th so I'll let him do the honours. I can promise it will be totally decadent and extravagant! A box full of exquisite gift-wrapped treats.! You can even pick the wrapping style if you have a favorite style from my blog. It's quite simple........I could really use your feedback.

A la la gift sample full of lovely gift-wrapped treats.

Now go have a great weekend.

Top photo via New York Social Diary/Bottom photo from Sparkle Power at Etsy


  1. Lovely things
    and have a great weekend.
    With much love and many blessings

    Enjoy this gorgeous spring day.
    Love Jeanne

  2. Ok so here are my suggestions! I DO think that some of the gift wrapping is a bit too much! Maybe some choices with less embellishment would be nice. I really like the simplicity of the "Royal Prince / Princess". Maybe some gingham ribbon? Also you could do some different styles, I would kind of call them all "french opulence" - perhaps some option that are a bit more rustic (twine and berries?). How about a "weddings" section - maybe a beautiful pair of candle sticks or an adorable cake stand? And one last suggestion would be that you somehow offer personalized gifts. It could be just a selection of first initials (that way you just have to keep a stock of the alphabet!).

    Hope these help! Love the blog!

  3. Love everything you do.
    I think your style is just beautiful.
    I think it would be fun to be able to order your beautiful papers and ribbons to have on hand here at home to wrap last minute gifts.
    Keep being true to yourself. I think you're great! :-)

  4. Oooh! I want in on this! I love your wrapping and don't think it is "too much". That is the point, right, to have a little gem that we could not do ourselves? I love it and your style! I say keep being you and trust your instincts. I love the idea of "wrap room".
    Best wishes!

  5. Love the name "A gift wrapped life" and also would love to see some natural or "green ideas" for wrapping. Ideas on setting up a wrapping room or closet or drawer...
    I hope Oprah calls... she should! She would love your wrap and your ideas on wrapping up life!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend Sande. I love your gift wrapping and think you offer something for everyone - it is so beautiful your attention to detail, if it were too simple we could do it ourselves! xv

  7. To start with, I didn't even realize that you had a website that sold gifts. I know it is there as the first gadget but for whatever reason (the light color of the sidebar type?), it didn't register. Maybe I shouldn't even admit that, but you seem to promote others on your blog but not really yourself.
    I looked at the prices and while they seem very reasonable for the beautiful gifts that are inside, I would say that unless I am buying something for a very special friend or for a very special occasion, I tend to try and keep the gift under $75. Perhaps offering a selection of less extravagant wrapping or ribbons could help reduce the cost.
    Your gift selections are inspired and beautifully packaged. I wish I'd known about your site when my dear friend in CA was in the hospital. A gift like that would have made her smile and lasted far longer than flowers!

  8. Hi Sande! i love your work, there is absolutely nothing to change about your creations. i think that's what makes you so unique, it's luxury at it's best all in a gift wrapped box. i've seen other gift wrapped companies and your is the best for me. i love your eye for texture, color, materials,and prints, you have an impeccable eye for detail. your creations are never over the top or too busy, they're just right. who wouldn't love one of these beautiful gift wrapped boxes.just keep doing what your doing and continue to create new collections. i do think that you should offer your materials so that your customers can have a choice to buy them and create their own creations at home through your inspiration. so please continue to keep creating these beautiful gift boxes just the way you've been doing, and just watch OPRAH call. i'm a big fan of your work!

    God Bless,

  9. I don't think your wrapping is "too much" at all :] I think that it is decadent and opulent and made for someone with Marie Antoinette tastes (like me!) I make hand made wedding inviatations and they are very embellished with lace and crystals and ribbon, much like your so-beautiful-that-they-are-almost-naughty little gift wrapped treasures :]

    All the best,

  10. Love your gifts and the packaging for all my friends and family...mainly because I'd love to receive them as well and that is a great indicator of a great gift for me. Anyhow, I don't think you should change anything...but understand your issues with the economy, etc. It's so hard now-a-days because the younger generation is lucky if they send thank you notes. Nothing bothers me more then when you send a gift and you receive an email thank you or your co-worker leaves the note on your desk. Where have the manners gone? Perhaps you can get some good advise from Daniell LaPorta on her blog she is talking about "style" and helping women in their businesses. She's running some focus groups and perhaps this will help...go to
    Have a great weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  11. #1 - You are a very talented woman. I only wish.
    #2 - As a gal who strives to save on the family budget, I was thinking about your idea of "self wrapping". After reviewing your website again, I think there's no way us avg. Joe's/Josephina's are going to wrap as beautifully as you, even with the supplies given.
    #3 - Your options are glorious, covering all the events in life that I could possibly consider. Seeing ideas for death of a pet, breast ca, divorce..are huge.Events like those somewhat paralyze us when they happen to people we care about. Just having somewhere to go for options to show we care, is a well needed & appreciated "crutch". Love too the selection of less expensive options.
    #4 - I had only one immediate thought about the site in general & not really a criticism. I love the "feel" (if that makes sense?) of your blog more. Must be a reactionary thought. It must be the title photo which I was immediately drawn to;very classy & rich. Any who, just my knee-jerk reaction, hopefully not taken as a "jerk"!!
    I am impressed that you are zeroing in on the vibe of change. It's there & I believe that businesses that don't 'hone' in, may loose.
    Wishing you all the best. You certainly have what it takes.

    Have a terrific wkend & put your feet up,

  12. I think your gift website is wonderful. It is very easy to get around and the search engine does wonders for fianding the perfect gift. You have a fabulous variety to choose from and at various price ranges. That is superb. I am visaully impaired and often struglle with fine print or not so clear or detailed pictures. Yet, I had no problem at all at your site. Your pictures are very clear and all of the little detail even on the ribbons shows up very well. Coming from my stand point that is great. If it is detailed for me I can only imagine how detailed it is for someone not visualy impaired.

    The one thng I didn't care for I will do my best to explain. The "top portion" of your blog banner looks great and seems to be well proportioned. But below it is another "block" of banner that I find a little distractng from the overall effect of the "main site page." It is the part where it's blue and lists one of your gift sets by itself. Then below that are two sets for slae. I think the main page would look better if that "block" wasn't there at all or if it could be shortened on the page some. It's ok that it goes all the way across the page, but between your top banner and the "block" below it, it swallows up the look of your first "page." Hope this helsp and hope it makes sense. You are doing great. By the way...who's Oprah? and Who's on first?


  13. Ladies.......Thank you so much! what an insightful and helpful group you are, I am learning lots from your comments. It means a lot to me that you took the time out of your busy lives to do this for me.....makes me want to wrap everyone a lovely gift! Keep posted on the 30th.

  14. I think this service is a wonderful idea...and the interesting contents and gorgeous wrapping make these real gifts....

  15. Hello!

    I had no idea you could follow a blog without a blogspot account (I have a livejournal) but apparently you can. Exciting!

    Anyways, I really love the design of your website. All of the colors and pretty photographs make me drool. One suggestion would be to maybe offer some smaller, cheaper gifts. I know I would love to buy something from you but most of the things I've seen seem to be out of my very small budget. Maybe add a section for low-priced items? That way everyone can enjoy your lovely work.

    I also think it might be fun to add the option of choosing your own wrapping that you mentioned above. That way some one could add a personal touch to the gift. I've been thinking of buying one for my best friend, who's going through a rough time right now, and her favorite color is green so I'd love the option to pick out a gift and then choose from various green wrappings to make it extra special for her.

    But overall I think everything is fabulous!


  16. Okay, you had me at the absolutely beautiful gift wrap; but as I began to scroll down and gaze at the snaps on the right of your blog my eyes were blinded by one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen...I do not have words for the lucious pair of pink Louboutins, they are Oooh la la! That picture sealed the deal, you have top honors in my list of blogs.

    Great picture at the top, I love the color green up against the backdrop of whites.

    The Bloom Girls.

  17. J'a J'a J'adore La La's gift and I'm J'a J'a J'adoring that Rodrigo Tazu cuff you have displayed!

  18. Your gifts and wrapping are absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to indulge someone:) I love the beautiful color combinations and how extravagant your gifts look. If I were to receive one, I would feel truly spoiled:) I signed up to follow this awesome blog!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  19. (posted comment per email request)
    Your website and what you provide is amazing. Women can order such incredible and beautifully wrapped gifts and be so excited for their recipients to open them! The wrapping, embellishments and attention to colour, texture, and detail is what you do. If you think your website needs a shift for whatever reason, you are in charge but please don't change what you have created. Who wouldn't want accessibility to your beautiful ribbons, tags, decals and wrapping ideas? The idea of the Wrap Room is great and might even be a good idea to have the occassional instruction night on folding and pleating tissue paper and using the double-sided tape and layering see you in action. You share wonderful people, ideas and sites on A Gift Wrapped Life. Thank you. Love Oooh la lal, Love A Gift Wrapped Life.
    Sincerely, Brigitte

    (posted comment via email per request)

  20. I just found your website today, and I love it! I'm not too familiar with all you offer, but from a quick tour and read, I would suggest you not change your look. You seem to offer big and small gifts and various prices. That's a good thing. I do love the Wrap Room idea.
    Follow your heart,

  21. Last spring, I came across your website and ordered a gift for a very hard-to-buy-for person. I was so pleased with your excellent customer service and she was entirely pleased with her beautiful gift.

    Tonight, I thought I would take a look to see if I could find something for Mother's Day. I spent quite a while browsing through your new website.

    I liked your website from last year better and I also liked your packages and selections better last year, too.

    There is more variety this year, but I don't think the ensembles are as nice. It also seems like the ensembles contain less. The website also seems more cluttered, yet the package descriptions and pictures aren't as clear as they were. I know you will customize and a person could really get whatever they want, but I like the simplicity of click and choose.

    I DO NOT think the gifts are overdone - that is the best part of your service! And I DO NOT want to choose wrappings and ribbons or do it myself. I think you have it set up just perfectly that way, especially since you are already so willing to accomodate those who do want to choose.

    I really love your business.

  22. Your packages are simply stunning. I love papers and ribbon the the ones you feature are beautiful. I find lately though that for me, it is difficult to justify putting additional money into wrappings when I have to be more prudent with the purchase of the gift. It is these times. I am also becoming more thoughtful if my presentations are appropriate for whom they are given. I don't want to appear wasteful in my resources and extravagant when the person I am giving the gift to can't afford this herself. I hope that makes sense.

  23. Sande the thing about winning this is I don't know if I could ever unwrap the gifts. They are beautiful.

    So beautiful.

    Renee xoxox

  24. Sande,
    Okay, somehow I missed this post! Now how did that happen? I look at your blog almost everyday at least once!
    Okay, I didn't read the other 23 comments because,well, I have my ideas for your store ready and don't want to forget them.
    #1 - I bet that some people would just be thrilled to purchase some of the wrapping paper & ribbon that you have meticulously chosen (This might be a lower price point for people like me on a TIGHT bugdet!)
    Maybe around Christmas time (October - December you can run specials on your wrapping paper OR only offer to sell your paper and ribbon then,thus preserving your unique gift wrap for your business the remainder of the year)
    #2 - Perhaps you could sell just a few items (gifts)for less than $25 or $30 including gift wrap. I would imagine that someone on a tight budget would be able to afford one of these little jewels. Then once you have them lured, they will know where to shop when they have a little more money saved up!
    #3 - Since your following has begun to grow (as I have noticed),you should advertise your store in more than one place on your blog (you may have already done this). AND Do one post a month on a HOT item in your store! And as I have offered, have a few bloggers advertise for you on their blog with a permanent button/link to your store! :)

  25. Hi Sande,

    This is my first visit to your blog and website...I think everything looks delightful. I would love to be a recipient of all that you offer..I will definitely hint to my friends around X'mas ;). I do think that everybody can tie a decent and simple bow so go ahead and be dramatic and elaborate. I'm a DIY person so if I can make it myself, I probably would not buy from someone else. It's a pity to have to unravel all the effort you've put in to tying all the pretty bows when opening the gift though...I like the idea of "immortalizing" the bows by allowing them to serve other purposes? Like a pin/brooch/hair accessory. If you print your brand name on the ribbons, it could be a nifty marketing tool too.
    Anyway, have a fabulous day Sande! I'm off to tweet about your lovely blog. :)

  26. Well, I think you site, your presentation of things, your offerings -- all of it -- is perfect. I actually sell some of the same things in my shop/site and you have inspired me in my gift-wrapping/presentation ideas. But as always, it is only YOU who can really tell when/if a change of any kind (no matter how large or tiny it may be) is necessary. I agree with Teri, above...follow your heart. I've tweaked my store/site often over the last 10 years and I liken it to how we as women "tweak" our homes now and then. Some "tweaks" are bigger than other (major renovation vs. new throw pillows) but we want our lives and our surroundings (and in this case, our businesses) to be thriving, living things, so we tweak them now and then. Only you can tell how much tweakin' is necessary. :)
    But, you do absolutely stunning work, period. So you've the talent, no question! And who cares what Oprah would say -- we care what YOU think! :)
    You go girl!

    P.S. Just added you to my "following" list. :)

  27. I just LOVE what you put together. i would love to receive one of these...did send hubby the link. Of course he shot back with what he would it appeals to men too.
    Just two things from me #1 I think the idea of offering the wrapping for sale is great with maybe an accompanying 'how to' card with ideas. #2 You have lovely new baby gifts but as a new Mom myself how about adding a little something for Mom with the gifts and a specific new Mom gift set. Otherwise keep doing what you are doing.


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