Thursday, April 2, 2009

Artful Anne

Courtneys Favorite Things- a private commission piece by artist Anne Harwell.
12" x 12" Giclee on matte canvas, ready for display. She accepts private
commissions, have a lovely corner, a setting, or house you want drawn?
She's your girl.
Yes, you may have seen this photograph before (on my very first post) but this time I want you to look in the upper left corner and you'll see a wonderful notecard image with a fabulous chartreuse chair. I had just received my first Etsy buy, these most wonderful notecards from a most stylish artist....... doesn't her Courtney Barnes chair look perfect sitting on top of all those colourful wrap papers? I'm a newcomer to blogger land, but even here it doesn't take long to know who the really nice bloggers are, they comment, they promote other talent, and they just have a positive tone to whatever they do. But blog land aside, Anne Harwell has some serious talent for someone her age and I just adore what she does with all of it. She draws, she blogs, she has an Etsy store, a Zazzle gallery, a Flickr photostream..........

I'm at the bottom of a long list of people who have written about Anne, her blog and Etsy shop, both under her beautiful ANNECHOVIE banner, are hugely popular. Her iconic Courtney Barnes chair artwork is also available in a framed format for 75.00 US.

I also Etsy ordered these scalloped flat notecards for a friend, but little secret.......I kept them for myself. It seems a designer can never leave their old life behind, how could I resist? A boxed set of 8 cards and envelopes is 16.50 US. A wonderful gift for the friend who sits at the top of your gift list.

A more recent collection of her Chair Silhouette boxed notecards.
The colourful set gives you 4 images (8 cards total) for 16.50 US.

She also has a gallery at Zazzle where you can buy her fabulous chair images
on postage stamps, coffee mugs, aprons, and mousepads.

I told you she was a clever girl!

Photo images 1, 3,4, and 5 from Annechovie/2nd photo by Sande Chase


  1. She is such a clever and sweet girl - I love her work too, xv

  2. Hi Sande,
    I just found your blog and truly enjoyed your post!Such beautiful things! I also visited your website which has just the most exquisite gifts!I definitely will have to come back!
    Please visit my blog anytime!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I love your blog! Thank you so much for featuring my friend Anne of Annechovie fame!
    I have her Courtney Chair framed, notecards and the "You are my Type" print. She is fabulous....

  4. Beautiful blog! I love Anne's work.

  5. I just came upon your blog through the lovely Annechovie blog, that I only just recently discovered...ooolala, I love everything here! oh no, that is bad but don't you adore Etsy?? I love it! and I have never met anyone who sells there whom I wouldn't invite to tea!


  6. What beautiful work! I too have bought gifts for friends but then been unable to part with them. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has ever done that!!!

  7. Actually, worse than keeping them is buying my friends a gift I covet, then constantly telling them I wish I had bought it for myself instead! I do that way too much.

  8. Turquoise, lime, strawberry wraps - how gorgeous and the bridal gift wrappings are so stunning. But that face powder pink gown is a show stopper. Love your taste and your site.
    Happy Twirls

  9. HI Sande! I actually found her site through your blog the other day and I love her work! I am loving those adorable scalloped notecards and the colors she uses. She is so talented! Thanks for this post it was pure eye candy...just like all of your posts! Your blog is really taking off and I'm glad your having fun and meeting so many great people. We have such a nice little (or not so little) community on here!!! I love all of these fabulous blogging buddies!!!
    Oh! I almost forgot! My best friend is having a baby girl in the next few months and we copied the bed on your banner in her nursery as a daybed/couch with the feathers and all! Thank you so much for the idea, her room is so beautiful and you were the inspiration!!! I'll try to get some pics for you to see!

  10. Hi Sande!
    I just found you via Anne's link - what an absolutely beautiful blog you've already put together! Congratulations!
    I can't wait to see what's next!

  11. Dear Judith-Paris Atelier,
    How fun is that! Please make sure I get photos of the "feather" (or is it plumes?)bed for the new little queen. Would love to see them upon her arrival.

  12. I always love visiting your blog. So inspiring. I just love all the papers in that picture, too. Makes me almost drool :-)

  13. Not only is Anne clever, but she is witty, wonderful and beautiful inside and out. She exudes cheer in her work.
    "Go Anne" Three cheers for YOU!

  14. Aw, I am so touched by all of your sweet comments, everyone! Thanks to all of you and Sande and her terrific blog for making my week! XO

  15. Beautiful post - I heart Annechovie! I follow her work and am so excited to see it here. Your blog is gorgeous - I've added you to my blog roll as well :)

  16. Hi Sande! how are you? i pray all is well.this is what i love about blogging, you meet people with great style and good hearts like yours. you are so sweet! i love supporting others work and talents too. this young lady, i'm going to have to check out. her work is fabulous! i love her note cards! i see you like Janet Hill too? her work is amazing! i hope you have a fabulous week. talk to you soon.

    God bless,

  17. Hi Sande!Your blog is stunning. And I am happy to visited your blog and i am looking for some more stuff.


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