Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kitchen Lust

design by European designers Baden and Baden

No wrapping today, lots of grocery shopping, cooking and baking for the weekend ahead. Our son is packing up and heading home for a few months to study for a big exam so our kitchen will be busier than usual again. I love my kitchen and all that it represents, I hope you love yours as well, but if not, here's some design ideas to file away.......
This neutral-based kitchen reminds me of Flamant, a upscale lifestyle store located in the Saint-Germain area of Paris. Talking about spending hours in a store....I wanted to live there! More about the Belgian-based home retailer located in Paris and other European cities coming in an upcoming post. I hate picking favorites, but if forced to.......and in another life, this high-ceiling working kitchen would be the one.

design by Elaine Griffin via House Beautiful

This distressed celery green finish is so European, especially since they used it on both the cabinetry and panelled walls. . .....a brilliant stroke of design. This colour looks fabulous with the copper hood and warm wood floor tone. I bet this room is delicious when the sunlight filters in during the day.

image from Canadian House & Home (no designer source given)

According to last weekend's Globe & Mail style section, red is back in kitchen design. Count me in, I could slice and saute quite happily in this kitchen with tomato red cabinets. Red in a kitchen stimulates the appetite, so chose accordingly. This room would sizzle at night.

design by Gwyn Duggan via Canadian House & Home

Along with this crisp and soothing palette, I love the cozy seating arrangement around a generously-sized wood table. A Scandinavian colour palette and comfy white cotton wing serene.

design by Michele Allman via House Beautiful

More distressed furniture-style cabinetry in a lovely washed turquoise. The burgundy toile fabric and lantern give the room a complementry boost and fits the ambiance so well. Cleverly-disguised, the refrigerator poses as an armoire seen on the left. I always prefer two windows instead of one big one, seems cozier and gives the stone hood it rightful prominence.

Top photo from Baden and Baden/2nd and bottom photo from House Beautiful/3rd and 4th photo from Canadian House & Home


  1. Gorgeous choices - I too would be happy cooking away in any of those kitchens. Happy Easter Sande, xv.

  2. Another gorgeous post! Kitchens to die for! Thanks for putting your beautiful finds out there.

  3. Oh, my kitchen is green with envy of those, although I have made some amazing meals from my kitchen. I can only imagine what I would make in those spaces...

  4. You have a lovely site! I agree the Glass Castle was a fantastic read!

  5. All the kitchens are lovely, but that first one is an absolute dream!!

  6. Love all of them and I love the seating of the 5th picture. Definitely conducive to good conversations and dishes left undone. :)

  7. Love each and everyone of them! Oh I think I would just live in the kitchen for quite awhile!I am trying to pick a favorite, but too hard to choose!Thank you for posting such gorgeous photos!

  8. Gorgeous round up! The first is my favorite.

  9. I like your blog site its so beautiful and great. Thank you for sharing...


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