Monday, April 13, 2009

A Jo Malone Kind of Gal

Photo by Chris Everard
Doesn't she just look like a Jo Malone kind of girl?

I am definitely a JO MALONE kind of gal and have been for a very long time now. Not only do I love it's clean, but woody smell, I am acutely fragrance-sensitive and the JO MALONE 154 seems to be one fragrance I can tolerate and it has a chameleon-like ability that I enjoy. My day doesn't start until I shower with the 154 shower gel and occasionally I will wear the more floral Blue Agava & Cocao (as my husband loves it like crazy). 154 is the address of the original London shop where JO MALONE created her first fragrances .The appeal of a Jo Malone gift is it's understated packaging, this company has always understood the importance of elegant gift presentation and it's legions of devoted followers must feel the same. As a tasteful gift, you just can't go wrong, everybody adores a JO MALONE gift. Most JM gals have a favorite, sometimes several as Jo MOLONE has a philosophy of fragrance combining that encourages the creation of your own bespoke signature scent. You can start them (of gift yourself)with their purse-size bottle of Grapefruit, Lime Basil and Mandarin, or Amber &Lavender. Don't forget to ask for the samples so you can experiment with layering other combinations as well. I buy it at the little JO MALONE shop located in Saks at Somerset or at Holt Renfrew in Toronto.

The cream and black JO MALONE boxes are like Laduree boxes, just too nice to throw away. After 10 years I have all sizes and shapes (anybody who buys JM knows what I am talking about). Do I dare to re-gift a classic JO MALONE box? ...........shouldn't mess with perfection, but you're darn right I'm going to try!! You should if you have a large selection of wonderful shopping boxes, it's environmentally correct to re-gift boxes in this way. I wonder if Jo Malone would agree or mind? First, if it isn't JO MALONE product in the box, then figure out a way to cover the logo, no point in pretending.......or getting someones hopes up! I used an over sized Paris sticker (this one is Versailles)to fit over the logo nicely.

I could re-gift this box a zillion ways ( I will show you a few more soon) but you know by now how my inspiration works, a designer sees a great photo (especially by Chris Everard-maybe I should send her a gift soon?) and off I go on a little gift wrap challenge. This silk ribbon in the most exquisite green colour is heaven to work with and does this gorgeous box it's due justice. I almost feel guilty......but not quite enough to stop

JO MALONE packaging is so distinctive, when I do gift this product I still wrap it up the box anyways so there is at least some surprise. A triple ribbon layer of double face satin, black and ivory striped cotton ribbon and a wispy garment binding over pearl paper give this petite box a crisp, spring look. And by now, you know I couldn't resist adding petite cabbage rose ......a perfect match in soft green.

Top Photo by Chris Everard-Sarah Kaye/2nd photo from Jo Malone/Bottom 3 photos by Sande Chase- OoohlalaCadeau


  1. My friend from Greece sent me some Jo Malone
    Gorgeous scents..........
    Love all you share.

    Enjoy your time with your son.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  2. This is a new one for me - thanks for the wonderful visuals and a new scent

  3. Love this JM too! Gosh Sande who is the lucky one to get these beautiful gifts you wrap? No body does it like you... even if we all had the same materials. You are amazing and have a very special touch~

  4. Sande,
    Ces cadeaux-ci sont si jolis! (These gifts are so pretty! I just love perfume and I have actually never heard of Jo Malone. I am going to have to try it out. I can just imagine how wonderful the lime-basil scent would smell after stepping out of the shower on a hot summer evening! Oh, and I think that reusing beautiful boxes such as these is such a creative idea. How often we actually find beautifully crafted boxes?

  5. I love to re-gift boxes but have ended up wrapping the top and bottom separate because of logos. I had never thought of using an elegant sticker to cover it. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  6. I have a collection of pretty boxes but have hesitated to use them for gifts in case someone gets the wrong idea. But I love your idea of using a beautiful sticker...Thanks for the inspiration to be environmentally friendly in a beautiful way!

  7. Hi Sande! i hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend. i wanted to say thank you so much for you amazingly sweet comment and support. you are so thoughtful. i read your sweet comment on desire to inspire blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart. you have also been a great inspiration to me. your blog is full of beautiful Luxuries and Fabulous reads. i know where to go to see some luxury and glamour. you have amazing style and impeccable taste. keep inspiring and stay fabulous!

    Now about this gorgeous green ribbon, i love how you re-wrapped this package. the green is so beautiful and the polka dots. however, i have never heard of this Jo Malone perfume. i must check her out. her packaging is so elegant, simple and beautiful. talk to you soon!

    God bless,

  8. Hi Sande! Hope you had a beautiful Easter. I have been a JM kinda gal for a while now, I love the home scents! Yummy! :) What a beautiful, creative and simple way to repurpose beautiful boxes!~ I love it! You have that touch of class that is elusive to most of us!

  9. Hi Sande!
    stunning blog! Gift wrapping is my biggest weakness! My dream job when I was little was to be a gift wrapper at Christmas time in Australia's up market retail department store, David Jones.
    Like I said, stunning and blog and wonderful inspiration, thank you ! x

  10. One of my favourites is Jo Malone's Red Roses scent. It's seductive and mysterious and smells just like a Lincoln rose. I think I need to visit Holt Renfrew soon. Love the re-vamped box too.

  11. I just found your blog and think it is fabulous.
    I couldn't imagine tossing any of those gorgeous boxes. As I Realtor I use those types of boxes and high end shopping bags for staging my listing closets! I know that professional stagers do the same. They also make wonderful "keep-sake" boxes as gifts. If I received one of your gift wrapped boxes I would want to leave it exactly as given. They are gifts in themselves!

  12. I love Jo Malone as a gift any time! My favorite scent is Pomegranate Noir, simply amazing. And, yes the packaging is fabulous.


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