Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Royal Purple

Have nerves of steel? Decisive in your choices? Not a colour for the faint-hearted.
Positively brave.......gorgeous isn't it?

The purple storefront of VV Rouleaux, no.... not in Paris. Two locations in London, England, one at 54 Sloane Street, the other at 102 Marylebone Lane. Known as the Chanel of ribbon and passementerie. Full of ribbons, trimmings, tassels, flowers and display decorations.

People spend hours there.....obviously! They must mean days....

V Rouleaux owner Annabel Lewis has a book
Ribbons & Trims - Embellishing Furniture, Furnishings and Home Accessories.
She forgot to mention gifts. You can see and order it here.

Layered ribbons and colours wrap Spring Fresh sachets for Easter.

Top photo by Domino/2nd and 3rd photo via Flickr/4th photo from VV Rouleaux/Bottom Photo by Sande Chase-Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. I always love to see how people keep their ribbons...will we get a peek at your workroom sometime?

  2. Blessings
    I love all you share
    Love Jeanne

  3. I certainly could spend days in the VV Rouleaux.It appeals to all the senses. Oh how I would love to stick a toe into the risk pool to have an aubergine room!

  4. I would get so lost in that store! I don't think I'd ever want to leave!

  5. There is something so very regal about a deeply purple room such as that. When paired with the whites/creams and ivories, it truly makes a gorgeous space.

  6. I love VV Rouleaux. Sometimes they have "carboot" sales at their kids' school. If you can find when and where, they're a treasure trove of VV leftovers!

  7. This place looks amazing, Sande. I also love your creation - so beautiful!

  8. Breathtaking! i love the deep purple color and i could stay in that place all day too. love the colors in your creation, beautiful as always!

    God Bless,

  9. Hi Sande!
    My favorite color of all time and a beautiful store!!! I think my dreams will be made of the treasures in this store tonight! Beautiful gift creation yet again! It is stunning.

  10. Hello Sande!
    I have this book, it's gorgeous!
    I've just found your blog today and I think it's wonderful! Happy Easter! :-)*

    Maria Joao / Fada Moranga

  11. Love your blog...discovered it through Google Reader and House of 8...round about way I know. Anyhow...could spend days here amongst the ribbons and the color purple. Have a Happy Easter. Fondly, Roberta


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