Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Right in front of me......

Months ago, I sent my husband and son to the city dump and had them dispose of over 100 wallpaper books from my sample library. It felt so efficient, but what was I thinking! The blue and white pattern seen in the gift above is a wallpaper sheet from one of the remaining books that I keep around, just because I couldn't quite part with every last one of them. They are lined up directly across from my computer screen, one day I looked up and had a "what did I do?" moment. I now have a wonderful, but limited collection of pattern and colour that I sometimes can't find in gift wrap. They do have pattern specifications on the back, so they aren't something I would use for paying customers, but as a personal collection they will do just fine for petite gifts. I went hunting for a ribbon that fit the mood and found this mint & blue duplex satin that I tied into a double bow. I'm not suggesting every wallpaper will work, smaller patterns seem to work best and anything too thick is hard to fold. Go hunting, a clearance roll could wrap a lot of gifts.

Here's another that I'll use for my next gifrlfriend gift in my favorite combination of pink and orange. And yes, these Paris labels are going on the website this week.

Both Photos by Sande Chase/Paris Labels at Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Dear Sande,

    What a gorgeous way to creatively recycle wallpaper samples! I saw your blog featured on Charmaine's "Beautiful Things to Share" and she was so right about your lovely blog! Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas and charming photos!


  2. Thanks Tracey!I've got a nice little pile to wrap my way through and I see you are my first "follower" so I will keep adding recycled wraps....oooh, the pressure is on!


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