Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogger Butt

Not that we're breaking up or anything, but I have to make friends with an old friend again. While I was busy making new blogger friends over the past month, an old enemy showed up by the name of Blogger Butt! I was never known for a love of exercise, the outdoors (or a petite rear) , but when you have a 26 yr.old son who seriously cycles and keeps telling you to exercise, sometimes you just give in to keep them quiet. Nobody was more surprised than me that I took to cycling outdoors last year on my cheap entry-level bike like a crazed roadrunner. "But I don't like exercising" I kept thinking, 1000 km later I not only liked it, I absolutely loved it. I wasn't completely useless before that point, I had walked and walked, tried aerobics (remember I am 55), but cycling did the most remarkable things to those hips, my weight, my outlook, my Ipod playlist, and I'm hoping to see that happen again. So if my posts are a bit shorter over the next few weeks, you'll know why, I just have to make BFF with Marlin GS, my new Gary Fisher upgrade. I'm only going to mention it once, I'm not one to preach, but cycling is cheap and it works like crazy. Hit the road ladies.......with a helmet ( they look awful but who cares?), those hips and butt are going to be loving you again.

If I cycle long enough could I make it to this rural road in France?

Top photo from Gary Fisher Bikes/Bottom photo from Flickr


  1. Ah spring the time to cherish the scenes of nature and enjoy.
    Love all you share.
    Love Jeanne

  2. Blogger butt is my middle name - I have just been for a run in the hope of a butt miracle! If cycling is as you say maybe I better hop on that bike too. Isn't this weight thing dreary? xv

  3. Yes, dreary is a good word, I can think of a few more words too....but,blogger butt is my first name right now so out I go. It does work like crazy and you get to cycle in rural France! Life is so!

  4. Go Sande go!!! I know cycling is good :-) I will do the same in the gym (I know it's not the same), the next couple of weeks. The summer is coming and I have to get my shape back! Have fun and take care on the roads. Love: Evi

  5. You've guilted me into exercising today! I'm loving the new banner! So pretty! I am trying to get to that post but with my one year old, I'll have to wait until a nap happens!

  6. have a one-year old, you exercise, and you blog so beautifully, you are my hero!You probably cook really well too- lol!I'll never whine again.

  7. hi Sande! what an inspiration you are! i love cycling, and your right, it's great for the buns and hips. so your 55 years old? well, you look fabulous! i love that photo of you. my mom will be 55 on Sunday. she feels good and looks great too. she says that the 50 year olds are like the new 30 year olds. i believe her because i see too many fabulous 50 and 60 year old women that look great. exercising is the key to looking good and feeling great at any age. we went hiking last week, and tomorrow we're going on a 6 mile hike. now, i have to get her to cycle. i'm sure she would love that too. also, thank you for your nice comments, i've been so busy here lately, but i'm back! you keep inspiring and stay FABULOUS!

    God Bless,

  8. Hi Sande!

    I AM myself a BLOGGER BUTT! So sad but TRUE! I would love to take that bike down that LOVELY path in France...Oooo I can almost smell all the wonderful scents of the countryside. Lovely!!!

    Thank you for the laugh tonight! Miss Kris

  9. it is 2011, are you still on your Gary Fisher? I have a GF! Only mine is '95 vintage. I'm a 'roadie' and my girl is a Specialized Ruby Comp and she and I have logged over 200 miles in the past month! My computer outage kept me not only from blogging but wasting countless amount of time doing 'stuff' so back out on the road it was. It is so much fun, I would pull my GF out to ride with you!


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