Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Happy, Happy Birthday to my la la friend Stephanie! Maybe I will make her this wonderful angel food cake {recipe here} when we have her birthday celebration in a few weeks. Have a fun day Stephanie!

Sometimes a simple thank you can be the best. I'm sending you over to Etsy today to see a store where everything is simply wonderful. I've sent you there before (those great wood bracelets) but a few other things captured my attention. Especially this ribbon.

A simple bowl of diminutive dimensions perfect for jewellry, a cube of soap.

A paperweight? A conversation starter? You decide.
Wood notecards with vellum envelopes. How novel. They even
offer them custom words or names. Be inventive.

And you simply are the best. Thank You to readers and followers
who have been sending comments and support. I love hearing from you!
You are sending my mind in new directions and I'm enjoying the stretch.


Top photo from Carolyn Roehm/All other photos and product from Palomas Nest at Etsy.


  1. Sande, these are gorgeous gifts - I am off to have a look, xv.

  2. Sande,
    Those images are just wonderful! I love them :)

  3. I've always believed that presentation is everything when delivering a gift to someone. I love that I have found your blog! You have a lot of goodies on here :)

  4. Gorgeous, beautiful cake with the pansies on it. Makes me look forward to the little violets coming up in my own yard, which I love to put on chocolate cakes in the springtime. Lovely blog...thank you.


Your comments are such a lovely addition to my day. Thank you.


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