Monday, March 23, 2009

Gilded Blue

I see a great interior photo and I just want to gift wrap. Strange I know, but I was inspired by the gilt and blue in this gorgeous photo and I'm working on the styling for new website products. It's taking longer than I would like as I could use about 10 more hands these days. Photoshoot styling can be a demanding and draining task, though focused on a creative level. Trouble is I'm neither a stylist or photographer, so the learning curve is a challenge and involves way too many prep shots. Not quite as calming a task this week.

I think photo albums are one of the nicest gifts to give, especially if you insert a few photographs first, a great trip together, a wedding celebration, a condolence gift , Mother's Day coming up. This rich chocolate silk album with taffeta bow is one of my new favorites. The box is wrapped in my ensuite wallpaper (found a leftover stash!) and I found a lovely tassel that captured the tone of the room setting above. If one bow is lovely, then 3 will be even more magnificent, or that's the way it turned out. This happens to be some personal gifting and they tend to expect I'll pull out all the stops. I give my friends extra doses of ribbon, it keeps them well supplied.
I love, love my new petite products, especially the luscious MOR soap named Fin de Siecle and wrapped it up with wide, wired taffeta ribbon. No gift paper needed, simply wind ribbon around, start twisting after a couple turns and then tuck the ribbon end through, pulling out a generous length for the bow, then tighten. You can do this with any prettily-wrapped soap bar, always lovely to give when you need a petite token. We tend to think every bit of a item needs to be hidden when wrapped, show a bit, especially when it's packaging is so gorgeous.

This was one of my favorite silk photos albums, with exquisite detailing and quality. I often used this particular style for sympathy gifts, something they could use bedside in the reflective time ahead. I like to send something more personal and long lasting than flowers, especially if it's long distance and I don't know the florist.
Here is the same Mor soap but wrapped with even more of it's pretty packaging showing. Simply take 2 equal lengths of ribbon, laid in opposite directions, and place soap in center. Pull four ribbon ends up, hold tightly and quickly secure with a narrow ribbon and tie. You could attach a tiny gift card as well. This can be done with any small gift. I love this capiz shell and pearl ribbon, I have it in white, ivory and pink and use it whenever I want a feminine presentation. It's a bit tricky to tie but not much is needed.

Top photo via The Cherry Blossom Girl/Photo 2,3, 4and 5 by Sande Chase - Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Sande! Another perfect post! How do you do it!?! I just love the colors! I'm afraid I could never do your job, I love ribbon so much (especially vintage, silk, and silk velvet) that when I find it I snatch it up but never have the heart to part with it! So selfish! Have a great week! Good luck with your styling and photos!

  2. Oh My!! Gilded Blue! My Favorite combination of all! BEAUTIFUL!! You are SO inspriing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  3. Beautiful post, I love seeing your creations. I would say that your photo styling is wonderful so don't be too hard on yourself and just relish your finished products.

  4. simply BEAUTIFUL! pure LUXURY! i am a true fan of your fabulous creations. you have an amazing talent. keep inspiring!

    God Bless!

  5. You probably knew this already, but I bet people would pay to buy your ribbon wrapped soaps and use them as decorative pieces. They are too pretty to unwrap!

  6. hi Sande! me again. i just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment. you watch Dancing With The Stars? i love that show! i have never missed a season. i am going to be posted to the television tonight. i think Melissa Rycroft ( The Bachelor) and Gilles Marini (The French hunk from Sex In The City Movie) are doing great. he can really move. i think those two are my favorites right now. who do you fancy?

    God Bless,

  7. I adore the wrapping in the last image - truly divine Sande! MOR's unique packaging really sets them head & shoulders above the rest - & they are an Aussie Company, too good!!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Every thing is so beautifull !!!
    Thank you .....


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