Monday, March 30, 2009


Photo by Tec Petaja

For us it's always been a "little Smokey" as my husband says, makes us want to slow dance all night long. We were lucky enough to score some last-minute tickets to a Smokey Robinson show last fall, and big bonus....backstage passes which included the "Smokey hug" and a few weeks later, a photo of the three of us which now resides in a place of honour. I think my husband moved our wedding pic to make room for it! For those of you who saw the American Idol Smokey Robinson & Joss Stone duet last Thursday singing Smokey's new song "You're the One for Me", didn't you just get the chills? It was one of those magic music moments when you know a new song is just going to go right through the roof .The single song can be playlist downloaded at {click here} just in case you're in the mood for a "you're the one" slow dance sometime soon.

I am married to a man of few words.........but it never meant I didn't know what he was thinking. They are left on my dressing table, in the kitchen, on my desk, or near my sink, little love notes written on all manner of paper....sticki-notes usually, sometimes paper towels! But when we are old and gray, we can go through these little notes and track back through the years together....I've kept every one of them for the past 34 years . Some days when I get frustrated with his quiet ways I'll open the box, think about those notes and how they say so much, so often, and then I just smile ear-to-ear. It's worked for us and I can't help think most couples would benefit from some love note magic so this led to.........

Lovenotes................a little trio of romantic gifts to encourage any couple to keep a love note history at any time during their relationship. The Parlez d amour (Speak to me of Love) scented notebook is perfect, it's perfumed pages are easily removed for love notes back and forth. A wonderful gift for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, the new mom (listen up men), or your partner. The fragrance is so heavenly, I added the matching test tube set of Bath Oil/Bath Salts and a heart-shaped soap to keep the lovely groove going. Boxed, wrapped and shipped at 79.00 Can. Imported from France, of course.

Prepping a Lovenotes gift, a length of ribbon to tie up the love bundle and little product card to nudge the shy romanticist.

Top photo by Tec Petaja via Blush Events/2nd photo via Flickr/ 3rd Photo by Dan Reaume Photography for Oooh la la Cadeau /Bottom Photo by Sande Chase.


  1. Your sweetest post to date.........
    I too love Smoky Robinson.........Growing up across from Motown all those songs melt my heart.
    Love Jeanne

  2. I love your love notes and that your husband is quiet but romantic in his own way.
    Mine is a bit like that too - As we know, the best are the quiet silent types.... xv

  3. Sande, what a sweet post today. My husband is also much like this. I love that you wrote he is a man of few words but you always know what he is thinking. I feel the same way about mine! :) I love the sentiments you expressed and how you translate that into your beautiful work. Have a very happy Monday!

  4. i just love Smokey Robinson! i saw him on American Idol. his performance with Joss Stone was magical. i think it is absolutely beautiful how your husband leaves you notes around the house, how romantic and loving is that. i love this romantic gift collection. it screams romance,love and luxury. i love the color, the wrapping and the beautiful ribbons are so pretty. the note book is scented? wow, how lovely is that. i love the heart shaped soap and bath tubes. this is a beautiful and elegant gift to give. thanks for sharing another one of you amazing creations.

    God Bless,

  5. Beautiful...thank you. I have one of those not-so-wordy type husbands, too. And I, too, have written notes from him that mean the world to me.


  6. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Lovely to see yours, so many beautiful things. I will add it to my blog roll. Another great discovery. Thanks so much Carla

  7. Hello!
    I am here for the first time and I find graet delight looking through your works!!! I have never seen anything like this.
    I came across with you blog looking for samples of wedding gift wrapping. Now I know many ways to do it, thanks to you.
    But there is still one question that does notlet me to wrap money-gift. Hope you have intresting ideas)))


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