Friday, March 13, 2009

Be Calm.....all weekend

There is something about a orange and pink colour combination that takes my breath away. When I was a designer, there wasn't too many opportunities to use this luscious scheme, but gift wrapping is a whole other story. Talk about instant gratification. When feeling stressed, I find combining patterns, ribbons, and techniques remarkably meditative for me, it calms me down. Surprising really, interior designers work in larger palettes and delayed gratification, so the soothing pleasure found in smaller creations took me by surprise. To take a career leap is not a calming proposition, so I had to reason through why this was so important to me. Then I got it....and it really isn't that much about the packaging, though that part I love. When I wrap I picture the woman who is receiving it, why it's being sent, and how it's going to make her feel. It can be a happy occasion, a birthday, a new baby, a new job, but often it is not, and this is when I lose any concern that what I do now is frivolous in any way. I have learned two things over the past year, women certainly aren't anything close to frivolous when it comes to supporting other women, when it comes to providing comfort and support during grief or sadness, they are so beautifully sensitive it too can take your breath away. Beauty in any package, even the tiniest token is healing to women at vulnerable times, I think the time when they need it most. I'm just happy to be part of it. I plan to carry on.

So beautifully composed........

A lovely note, a listening ear, a little token,
something home-baked, help someone carry on.

My many thanks to new readers who have left comments and support this past week. I veered off a bit from my blog subject of gift wrapping the past week but plan to spend a day this weekend doing some calm-inducing gift wrapping for blogs next week. I'm gearing up to start adding gift wrap papers, ribbon, and more small gifts to my website, so stay tuned and have a soothing weekend.

Top photo by Sande Chase-Oooh la la Cadeau/Middle Photo from Rosenow Florals discovered by Beautiful Things To Share/Bottom photo and poster from SF Girl By Bay via Etsy.


  1. Orange you glad it is Friday?
    Love all you share.........
    Have a great calm weekend.........
    full of joy and laughter and love

    Love Jeanne

  2. Dear Sande! Thanks a lot for this beautiful blogpost (again)...I'm in love with mixing orange and pink together, it's just so vibrant and full of life! Not to mention how much I love ribbons and bows which makes anything so cheerful yet elegant. I'm sure these beautiful gift wrapps would make any woman just so happy :-) Have a great weekend, love, Evi.

  3. Sande! What a lovely post and inspired message! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. I love these colors combos--so cheerful and beautiful!


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