Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 50th Barbie

You mean I was five years old and playing with Barbie? Yikes! Just a little extra post today to make you chuckle, I have exactly 21 minutes before Dancing with the Stars
begins so this is short and sweet.

This is the Barbie House (yes a real one) that was designed for Barbie's 50th party (I presume) by designer Jonathan Adler. The chandeliers are made from doll hair. Yikes again!

Both photos via Bloomacious blog


  1. Dear Sande! Thanks for these beautiful posts, I love your blog...I was a Barbie collector for a while so I really appreciate this post :-) Have a wonderful day, love: Evi

  2. Wonderful to have you as a follower Evi. I was done posting for the day when I relised it was Barbie's 50th, I couldn't resist!


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