Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Metallic Luxe

I have a fabulous pair of fairly high, brushed silver metallic shoes with a delicate ankle strap that I wear to death. I'm not know for a delicate foot or ankle and I'm a bit mature in age, so the ankle strap originally put me off. Beautiful, but not so lovely when I'm on the floor with the ankle strap around my head, I'm not known for a graceful glide either. It was likely the sale price that eventually changed my mind, my Italian soles have paid for themselves many times over and are my most comfortable dress-up shoes, ankle strap and all. What's my point? Well, neutrals can go the distance and other than that.............. I just wanted to tell you about my favorite shoes! But this is a gift wrapping blog so lets just say they inspired me to experiment with a metallic presentation for new product which just arrived.

Metallic gift wrap, either gold or silver, is another "neutral" gift wrap choice that might be worth stocking up on. I tend to think of gold or silver when the wrapping needs to be more conservative or during the holidays, but also tend to think I was wrong. I'm guessing that most of us put the metallic gift wrap away with the Christmas tree, and back out it comes next December. I used a soft pink ribbon to coordinate with new product, but I can see the gold with a bevy of pastel colours that might be otherwise too sweet for some. Picture the gold (or silver)with pastel blue, lavender, peach, or aqua and you can see how too-sweet becomes most elegant. Adding a bow on this presentation somehow didn't feel right, so I experimented with a layered ribbon treatment that cooperated nicely. I like the effect and will figure out how to show you this very simple technique in an upcoming post. In the meantime, try something you think won't work..........it may be a lovely surprise.
Top Photo from P. Archard/ Bottom photo by Sande Chase/Product by OoohlalaCadeau

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  1. what a beautiful post! i love the image. i see you love pretty and glamour and all the lovely things girls love too. i can tell already, your blog is going to be FABULOUS! it's already fabulous and you just started. i want to say thank you for your very kind comments about my blog. i really do appreciate it. i look forward to seeing more of your FABULOUS post. i love the gift wrappings!

    God Bless,


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