Friday, March 6, 2009

Hat Junkie

It wasn't until I was in Paris four years ago May that I really understood the pashmina craze. Other than the obvious style, I never really understood why French women wore neck scarves to the degree that they do. But flying always, always gives me a semi-cold, my throat hurt and I quickly bought and threw one around my neck for comfort. Ahhhh..............then I got it. When your neck is warm, life is good, especially in Paris. You can keep walking, hours longer with less layers. It was a cold Canadian winter this year and for some reason I was colder than usual, so my vast collection of pashminas, real and faux, have gone the distance. I wear one in bed when reading, one in the morning while reading the paper, and neck-style any time I leave the house. I'm going to miss that cozy comfort come spring. But think I have found another type of Parisian style for the last month of winter and then the warm months ahead.........

Madeline Head Wrap - for the next month at least

One of my most thoughtful of former clients came knocking at my door(with the most lovely stationery gift for me) the other day wearing the most incredible fleece headband-style creation. It was a fascinating idea, not a headband (been there, done that), but not a hat, but perfect on Brigitte in the most stylish way. I'm always interested in anything that will hide my hair, as we all know I am spending alot more time blogging than I am styling my hair these days (I really shouldn't blame blogging). My client was barely out of my driveway before I was online to check out the Hat Junkie and placing an order with Nova Scotia based owner Anna Shoub for a rush-status Madeline headwrap. On good or bad hair days, the $38.00 is great value, it will at least keep me looking stylishly together when I leave the house.

But starting in May......

I never should have gone to Anna's blog and found the post showing this new spring creation, all layered with dyed coral linen. Of course I ordered it! Look how fabulous this hat is! I can't believe it took me so long to wear pashminas, I'm not going to make the same mistake with hats. I love them and am going to start wearing them, if not now, when? It's coming with me should I get back to Paris anytime soon.

Top photo by Sandra Lane at Sarah Kaye/ Bottom Photo from the Hat Junkie


  1. Hats all to you and your gorgeous journal.
    Keep up the great work.
    Love Jeanne

    Spring forward~

  2. hello, thank you for your nice comment today! i hope you don't mind, but i posted some of your fabulous gift items on my blog. i just love your products! they're so beautiful i just had to share! i posted your links back to you. thank you and again, i hope you don't mind.

    God Bless,


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