Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kip's Bay Showhouse NY

designer Cetra Ruddy/photo by Peter Margonelli

I was lucky indeed that my friend who always makes the concierge in any hotel her new best friend, stopped to ask on our last day how to get to Charlotte Moss (more about her this week) and Trelliage, two Manhattan stores we always read about and were rushing to see. We had finished the trade show, a return flight booked at 6 pm and 7 hours to wander. "If you like those type of stores, you may be interested in the Kip's Bay Designer Showhouse, I think it's the last day" said the concierge, I think my heart stopped and the concierge lady just became my new BFF. I have wanted to see the Kips Bay showhouse for well over 20 years. Not only was I interested in seeing the best talent in the design world, I had spent the whole taxi ride in looking up at all the Manhattan apartment houses and wondering how they looked inside, how did NY people live? The buildings and windows can be nondescript, how on earth could they be as fabulous as everyone always says? Some years, they do up a townhouse, other years a brownstone, but this year it was penthouse apartments, we couldn't believe our luck. The first photo was a gorgeous dressing room that included a sleek 10' stretch of limestone as a vanity and desk and a round, raised floor section that displayed a mannequin dressed up to the nines. I pictured the alcove as a place to ponder, maybe what to wear that day? So glam.
designer Zoya Bograd/photo by Peter Paige
When it comes to Manhattan babies, they are well-cocooned way above the city noise. This showhouse designer brought a jungle of animal elements to this lovely nursery. You can't see it but they did a gorgeous jungle-themed trompe 'oeil on a far wall, then applied frame moulding around it so it became a focal point as artwork. Very clever.
Plant Specialists
Here is a balcony view from one of the penthouses we viewed last year. The masses of potted out-of-season hydrangeas provided a gorgeous view from inside the penthouse. I snuck out to peek, but quickly stepped back because of the height. Something I am sure I could get used to if I absolutely had to and someone forced me move there. So tempting.
designer SusanK. Gutfreund-Kip's Bay Showhouse 2006
Here is a luscious, old-world interior from the 2006 showhouse archives. So Park Avenue don't you think? This year's showhouse is open April 17 to May 17. Just ask your hotel concierge, they will know all about this premier event. Too gorgeous.

All 4 photos via Kip's Bay Showhouse

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  1. Enchanted am I after each visit.
    I am so glad you have a journal.
    I love everything~
    Keep up the great work.
    Love Jeanne ^j^


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