Friday, March 27, 2009

Blue Satin

photo by Chris Everhard
Sometimes you just need a zone-out movie so my friend and I headed over to see Confessions of a Shopaholic and though we both squirmed a bit with the movie message (put away the "magic" cards), as my friend said "that one hit a bit too close to home"! We just loved the stylish mix of clothes. I tend towards more serious cinema, but this one was just what I needed, silly and fun. From my vantage point as a former interior designer, I can't remember a time when design was more fun. Mix it up, patterns, colours, textures and styles, the more the better. This highly individualistic fashion and design style is just what we need these days, in a larger sense I think it means we're finally getting it........we're all unique and that is a really good thing.
I've been practising layered bows and almost have the hang of it. I did straight-pin the back, a thread stitch would be better, my husband has to mend his own socks , so that wasn't an option. I used a wide double face satin, I'm not too keen on wired ribbon, it seems too contrived, like I can't tie a bow and need all the help I can get. I know I'm the only one who thinks this way, a bow with wire stays up all fluffy and big, who am I to be a purist about ribbon for heavens sake! But I just love the "fall" and the "hand" as they say in the design business for a double face satin. I use all types, the real silk double face satins from France and Germany, the polyester ones from China, doesn't matter, it's all about the colour and feel. I like the smooth application around a box, wired ones get all bumpy, listen to don't, I sound weirdly intense. Like I need a life or something.

See the trailer {click here} should you need some silly fun.

Top photo by Chris Everhard at Sarah Kaye/Middle Photo fromby Sande Chase-Oooh la la Cadeau/ Bottom Photo from


  1. Love all you share
    Have a fabulous weekend
    Love Jeanne

  2. Gorgeous package and bow, Sande! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. HI Sande! I LOVE this! I haven't seen the movie but now I want to! I love the Blue satin ribbon on the sleek Black box! HAve a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Sande! I love the beautiful Bleu Ribbon. Just breathtaking! Ooooh the pretty bleu dress painting is lovely also!

    Have a beautiful weekend Sande!!!

    ~Miss Kris~

  5. hello my fabulous Sande! i love that beautiful blue satin ribbon. the layered bow is so pretty.
    it looks so elegant! i have not yet seen this movie, but it is on my list to see. i heard it was really funny. so, i see you posted your award. it looks lovely on your blog. you said something about wanting to copy the post about your beautiful creations that i posted. well, in my archive, it's alphabetically in order, so look in the o section. also, if you click on the third page of my post, you can find it. i hope this helps. if i'm hit and missing your point please let me know.

  6. OK -dare i admit it - I don't like wired ribbon worst nightmare! I haven't seen that film but it sounds like a great piece of escapism and I am all for that.
    Have a wonderful weekend, xv

    PS Bought a bike (basic to start) but I am hopeless!! (shall keep running and practise the two wheeler quietly in the afternoons - I think i should have bought a trike. )

  7. Bonjour, Sande!
    I have been dying to get out and go do something. Maybe my friend and I will go tomorrow afternoon to see that movie...
    I also LOVE satin ribbon. Wired ribbon is too perfect and it's not romantic or delicate. I like the way satin ribbon shines and I love how it "falls" as you mentioned. You're right color makes all of the difference. I love your style of wrapping gifts in a solid rich paper rather than using patterned paper. Your gifts are like elegant dresses on the red carpet- a dark ebony strapless dress with a bold azure ribbon tied around the waist!

  8. What a beautiful corner of blogland you have created here.
    I just wanted to say hello, this is the first time I've visited your blog.
    I know I will be back..:)

  9. I thought I was the only wrapper in the world that despised wired ribbon. Give me the lovely drape and folds over the contrived fluffiness any day! So glad to have found a kindred spirit. Can I come and live in your wrapping room? I just found your site today and can't wait to read, read, read and wrap some more!


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