Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mama Mia!

Lots of wrapping going on around here, new gift wrap, ribbons, and embellishments to add to a Wrap Room section of the website mean long hours, lots of experimenting, and Mama Mia! I like this new paper alot. The vintage Italian labels are visually busy, so I kept the ribbon thin and simple so it wouldn't obscure the images, quite happy with the orange and purple result. These thin saddlestitch ribbons are quite affordable and sometimes it's best to keep it simple. This paper flower added some saucy flavour and thank heavens for 2nd Cup.............those Grande Lattes are keeping me alert. This one is a wrap! Only 20 more to go, more lattes bella.

Italian theme paper to wrap a gorgeous Fiorentina photo frame, perfectly-themed and colourful. Each of these gilt and coral-coloured frames are made by one of the last Florentine artisans that employ this type of medieval craft. Each frame is made by hand and etched using the graffito process.....and no two are alike. It holds a 4 X 6 photo but I like it's inside fleur de lis pattern to show, so I would use a smaller photo, about the size of the product label. The rear is covered in this same pattern so it looks good from any view. The mark of a good gift frame. We rarely buy ourselves good photo frames so I think they are a lovely keepsake gift. $59.00 at Oooh la la Cadeau {click here}.

There's a bit of a bonus with this paper that I like. The leftover side strip can be used for matching (or in this case, wonderfully unmatched) gift labels. Affix label cuttings with a glue stick to some heavier weight paper, punch a hole, a narrow ribbon, write your message on the back and your gift is ready to go. One strip gave me 5 fabulously colourful gift tags. These would look good on the plain black gift wrap I always recommend as a wrapping staple.
Here's a few examples of my homemade Mama Mia! gift labels.

All photos by Sande Chase for Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Your blog is beautiful as are your posts!!! Your gorgeous ribbons remind me of the ribbon store Mokuba which is just down the street from my studio. I always spend way too much money there. I have piles of ribbon and don't want to use it on presents!!! I keep thinking I'll use it in my artwork but after seeing your blog, I might just have to pretty up my gift-giving.

  2. You are too FABULOUS! i love this beautiful Italian themed paper, so pretty! and the ribbons and colors are so gorgeous. love orange and purple! i wanted to let you know that i have given you a sisterhood award. i chose you because you are always so sweet and a great inspiration to me. you always leave such kind comments. you truly have a beautiful Spirit and outrageous talent. keep inspiring!

    God Bless,

  3. Oooh..what's a sisterhood award? Whatever it is, I like it! The feeling is mutual, the back annd forth comments, the support to my new blog, it is all so much fun when there is people like you who share so willingly, all the beauty in the seem to find it!
    Sande x0

  4. Just discovered your blog through Paris Atelier. It's GORGEOUS! Love the photo of the header too! I look forward to reading through it!! Lynn

    You, Ms. Chase, are a treat EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!
    Keep on keeping on!
    love you,
    Christian Girl


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