Monday, March 2, 2009

This book belongs to....

Oops............I was the only one at a recent baby shower that didn't bring a book. The invite insert was missed or waylaid, so been looking to find a way to recify my faux paus. The expectant parents now have a wonderful nursery collection, so what could be better than the charming gift below, once I know the gender and the name!

I think Baby Lane will be a girl.......but if not...

.......they are just as cute for boys.
Personalized Book Plates in Gift Tin
35 personalized plates - $20.00 US
I'm hoping they add the birth date for me too.
Choice of images. See Etsy find here

Read with Me Print at Nursery Love.etsy/2 Bookplate photos at Jack and Izzy.etsy


  1. Tell me what childrens books you have on your list. Always looking for new pass along as gifts.

  2. I am always drawn to Beatrix Potter, especially the sets with the tiny books all together in a collection. Love her illustrations and loved the movie about her life.

  3. just stopping by to say hello! I adore your site and especially the header - so symbolic for me and divine timing! Thank you for being such a blessing! I look forward to returns here.
    much luv, Jenn


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