Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day ....every week or month

Taken at a local museum by Jane Heller at Etsy, this surreal and beautiful photograph depicts underwater life as it would have been a few thousand years ago. The 8" x 12" print is $35.00.

I got to thinking about Mother's Day this week and what it means to us as mothers. I have a 27 year-old son who is here for the next few months, he spends the days studying, I spend my days working, but every morning when he first sees me, he always says to me "come in for a hug Mom" and I think about how that is the best part of my day. I love his fun-loving and affectionate nature. We all love gifts, but truthfully all we want as a mother is to know our kids are happy. And to know when they are not. In other words, the more you talk to us the better we feel, we aren't fussy on whether it's good or bad, it's our job to help make either better. It's a year of low spending for lots of families, so I got to thinking about a less-expensive way to send your mom a gift (especially if you haven't taken care of it yet, or want to send a little extra) every week of the year. I posted about this product before {click here to read} and was reminded of it when I wrote this week about the mini books.....hmmm, how wonderful would it be to email your mom every week (or month) with a colourful reminder of how you feel about her. Simply go to the Iomoi website and sign up for a email stationery yearly subscription for $15.00. You will have dozens of templates to use and can change the design each time you send your mom her little e-note. For a total of $30.00 you can order her an email stationery subscription too. She can email her friends and family in style, giving her a bit of stylish hi-tech fun all year long. You might have to show her how to use it but she loves it when you teach her something too.

Translation ~I love my mom.

This touching image is a flat postcard but I would take this
and frame it with a wide white matt as a gift for a new mother.
A lovely nursery gift.

Available at Sarah Jane Studios at Etsy.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day with lots and lots of good hugs.

Top photo from Jane Heller at Etsy/Middle photo from Iomoi/Bottom photo from Sarah Jane Studios at Etsy.


  1. Oh, how lovely, and of course what Mother cannot refuse a hug from their any age! That sweet elephant would be pretty in a pale grey and white room with splashes of yellow.
    Happy Mother's Day to you too~ :)

  2. Hi Sande!

    Oh my...what a LOVELY print. So soft and pretty! I am loving the special letter from your son! Darling!!! May you have a wonderful Mother's Day! ~Miss Kris~

  3. Sande, you have almost put me in tears! What you wrote about you and your son I feel is the miracles we have in life. I am not a mother, but I have my mother who I am ever so close with. It's hard to explain the connection, but you have just now in your post.

    Happy Mother's Day to YOU~

    xoxo Noel

  4. Hi Sande,
    What a beautiful post. Perfectly written and saying all there is to be said! Happy Mother's Day! It's the best make that gift in the world! Have a great weekend!

  5. That is so great he still hugs you. I hope my boys will always hug me. I love the elephant card. So cute! Happy Mothers Day!

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  7. Sande~
    You are so RIGHT. It is never the is being there & them wanting us there and our moments together good or bad. Leave it to you, the gift wrapper to wrap it up in simple beautiful words~ with pretty bows on top! My arms are wrapped around you with a BIG mom-to-mom hug~
    Happy Mothers Day Sande!

  8. hi Sande! how touching, i love this post. i have a son too and he is just the most loving person. being a mother is truly a precious gift from God. thank you for all the tips. i wish you a Happy Mother's Day! have a beautiful weekend! keep inspiring! :)

    God Bless,

  9. I just found your beautiful blog... such lovely words. My little one is only 4 but the best thing in the world is one of her bone crushing hugs and kisses :O)
    Happy Mothers day.
    Lorna x

  10. Sande,
    Hugs say so much. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.
    p.s. you must go check out Linda's latest post at Surroundings. Instantly thought of you!

  11. That is such a nice post...It is such a blessing and delight to be a mother. It is like having my heart out there everytime I am looking at my son. And what an adorable elephant mother and child artwork.

  12. Sandee, thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my art opening!

    I adore your site and your packaging is devine!

  13. What a sweet post and some great ideas, Sande. I am sure you are a great mother and wish you the best of Mother's Days! XO

  14. Sande, can't wait to check out the Iomoi website. At a short glance it looks terrific. What a really clever idea for Mom's Day. I adore the photo by Jane Heller. Would love that above my dressing table. Your message about you & your son's morning ritual is so tender. You hit the nail on the head. I don't need gifts, I just appreciate them taking the time to call and have a chat.
    Happy a very special Mother's Day &hearts:

  15. Happy Mother's Day my beautiful friend! have a wonderful day!

    God Bless,

  16. that is lovely that he is not too big for a hug, I think mine lost that about age five or so! Oh well, maybe we can start a new tradition!
    Hope your MDay was lovely!

  17. Another lovely post! Miss my mom today and... there is also nothing like a mother's hug! Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day today!

  18. Dear Sande! I hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day. This post is so touching, your son is lucky to have such a nice and wonderful Mother like you :-) Thanks for all these gorgeous ideas. So thoughtful from you. I love Sarah Jane's studio a lot, I cehcked out all the cards and I think I'm into the one with the sign: I love my sister :-) I will surprise my Mother with something from your shop...I decided to do it a long time ago...My Mother will flying :-) Love: Evi


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