Monday, May 4, 2009

Gorgeous File ~ Glam Monday

Isn't this a glamorous pose? This is an image from Vogue from 1948 photographed by John Rawlings. Look how they used the pale blue gloves with this black taffeta dress. I love that type of collar on a party dress. I don't know about you, but gloves are making sense these days, especially in airports. It's about the only fashion item that hasn't come back in full force (I'm not talking about winter gloves), maybe they should?

I always have to borrow some glam from Judith at Paris Atelier, she posted this image last week and said it reminded her of me, it gave me a good chuckle and let me guess is it the colour or all those bows? The funny thing friend and I started a few of these wired ribbon dresses (my friend was looking to use up all my ribbon cuttings) a few months back but we didn't think of bows! We spent the afternoon layering and glue strips of ribbon into dresses on mini forms. Oh my.....Judith has me thinking in a whole new direction. Though I might need a larger dress form for all those bows.

Ooooh.......I love this dressing area. I always thought vanity areas should be as glam as you can make them. Nothing like paneled or fabric-tufted walls, satin drapes, fur throw, and mirrors to make it all happen. And it sure is happening in this gorgeous setting by designer Graham & Greene.

Fuchsia metallic pink and those signature red soles, that Christian Louboutin loves women doesn't he?

So gorgeous in it's simplicity.

The refined glamour of pearls, this 16-strand is from Slane & Slane for $3,850.00. I have a better idea, I'll just use what I have and put them all together, I must have at least 16 strands from the last 30 years, all sizes and lengths, and most of us do I bet. Wouldn't they be perfect with this Stephen Dwek ring? At $490.00 not too outrageous I didn't think, not that I'm buying a ring right now.

No you won't believe it either, but this flirty dress was created with pages from a phone book. Artist Jolis Paons is thinking outside the box (or would that be in-the-book?) to create this exquisite creation. Another paper dress from French Blue blog, you know how good she is with finding these paper creations. And how good I am at borrowing dresses.

Gorgeous is a shoe that you can't stop staring at......of course I can't wear them! I don't need to, I just like looking at them. Feathers and a duplex satin say nothing about the colour! So inspired.

Gorgeous is this dress from the wild side. When I saw this glorious creation on the Coco & Kelley blog this week, I knew I had to borrow it from her for the day. Look at the shoes with this dress! And I love that touch of turquoise in the bracelet. Dress is from a current Marie Claire photo shoot.

Gorgeous is the simple shape of this candle by Modern Alchemy, especially since it has a black satin bow on the box. I love this type of product's make for a special gift for that woman of refined taste.

I don't know if it's the swan topiary, the blue sky, the white cotton, or those well-behaved and manicured dogs...........but I find this July 2005 H & G Fantasy Garden so outdoor glam. We were hoping to do our veranda more glam this year, but we are in ground-zero of a major road construction that will have us spending more time indoors. I am not happy about this at all, I repeat, not at all happy. And yes, the relentless dust even gets indoors.

Gorgeous is a thoughtful friend who goes out of her way to find another Laduree shop in Paris (as the first one was a long, long line-up), then carries home two boxes of fresh macarons, gets her jet-lagged body out of her cosy bed the next morning and brings them to my door and stayed for some lovely Paris chat. Not so fabulous is my nocturnal son who ate most of them that night while I was sleeping. He thinks they are the best thing ever and says he couldn't stop himself. He really likes my friend, he coached her into getting a hole-in-one on the links one day so they have that golfer bond. And now she brought him macaroons.

Nothing more glam that a good reading area. I wouldn't care if the sofa is white, I'd be curled up nice and cosy for days. Our married-student life loveseat was a green leather version of this style and it brings back happy reading memories, something to keep quietly occupied while my husband studied. We should have kept it and recovered it as above. It is a classic style.

Since it's gorgeous Monday I would want to glam up the comfort level while I read-and-recline with this
gorgeous silk pillow from Annechovie, the queen of stylish chairs. It would look sublime and scrumptious on that tufted white sofa. Anne shared this Etsy pillow find {click here to read her post}.

A glam way for event designer Preston Baily to go from job to job. When I see this photo I always think to myself "if I was driven around like this from job-to-job, I would still be in interior design". No wonder he's smiling. I think he should give the wild-girl outfit a ride, that outfit would look fabulous in this setting.
All photo sources listed with image except for 4th from bottom (two ladies) .Photo from PhotographersLimitedEditions via Beautiful Things To Share


  1. A very glam and gorgeous Monday Sande, xv.

  2. Wow! This is over the top glam! I love it all. You mentioned small wire mannequin forms. Where did you get them?

  3. As always- you have the most glamorous and inspiring images!

  4. Gorgeous images again Sande! Love them all. Have a gorgeous Monday, love: Evi

  5. Everything is beautiful and glamorous! I just discovered this site and I must say I am in love. I adore gift wrapping, and cannot believe that you are so smart to turn it into a business!

  6. Tres Glam, every one!


    I'm off to pleat some phone book pages ... .

  7. There's a little something special for you on my blog today:-)

  8. Tres it all!!
    I was just talking with my husband on Saturday night about gloves and how it would be great for many reasons if they came back in style....who knows maybe they will....lets start a trend!

  9. Glam is right Sande! Simple Beautiful! May I have one of each...hehe The dress that Judith posted about you is sooo you! I loved it!

    ~Miss Kris~

  10. Sande,
    You make me so happy I am a woman! We are so blessed with our satin bows our heels and and pearls and of course our Laduree boxes~~

  11. One gorgeous post! I am in love with so many of these photos... you are inspiring!

  12. You fill us with so many goodies! I love it all...

    xoxo Noel

  13. Hi Sande! i love every single one of these. i've been hit by the glam bug too, my post lately have been all about the glam. i love visiting your blog you always have something fabulous to share. i saw the beautiful post Annechovie blog posted about you, it's so beautiful. have a blessed week!

    God Bless,

  14. As always, so lovely!
    Wishing you a truly glam Monday. Love those 1948 blue gloves on black dress and the vanity corner!

  15. FAB post... tre glamorous!!!
    I painted one of the photos in a different setting...

  16. every picture in this post is seriously gorgeous! i LOVE the multi-strand pearl necklace, though a bit outside my price range!

    wonderful and inspirational as always.

  17. Sande,
    My goodness, what a pleasant surprise. You know....after Anne featured my work I clicked through the comments and I remember taking a peek at A Gift Wraped Life. I remember you had just posted about Mr. Ludwig. Just fabulous! I hope I was polite and left you a comment.
    Anyway, Sande, I am so glad that we are going to be bloggy friends because I tell you....we do have great taste & love beautiful things don't we? Now how about that Michelle Grace.
    She is dear to me and has inspired me to no end. We are fortunate to have her in common also.
    Now, I have added myself to your followers and am also adding you to my daily reads. I look forward to many more visits with you and your marvelous blog!
    All the best!

  18. That vanity is what i dream of having in my home one day! Gorgerous and just how a vanity should be!!

  19. Oh what a glam life you lead. So many stunning styles to choose from. And besides who wants to walk around in hot humid weather chasing a little white ball! Really now we can find other things to occupy our minds.
    Happy Twirls


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