Monday, May 18, 2009

Glam Mondays - Simple Summer

Photo by Lisa Cohen Photography

There's my biggest weakness, right there in her hands.
I love, crave, and sneak way too much ice cream.
Just a bit now and then, nobody knows this but you.

This Missoni scarf worn with white or natural linen..... just so beautiful, don't you agree?

Photo by Chris Everard
Summer is coming and a relaxed mood is ahead. Is there a better time to take a gorgeous outdoor bath? Of course this isn't going to happen, that's why we need wonderful stylists and talented photographers to make these visual fantasies so captivating. We would like to think we could. And those silk damask drapes!

No one does summer better than Kate Spade. This Hulu Ida purse makes
me want to do the Hulu Hoop just one more time.

A simple black sheath. Matching lipstick. Hair pulled back into a chignon. And maybe just a hint of a tan? These earrings from Jose & Maria Barrera are summer sexy.

Two beach colours in one, how clever of Kate Spade. How good would this look with
my coral lipstick?

I know who got me diving into summer a bit ahead of schedule. It was Judith at Paris Atelier with her fun sun umbrella post last week. It is a short season, might as well start enjoying it now. Photo from My Vintage Vogue via Paris Atelier.

Something about this filmy top just speaks to me and I'm not one for loud pattern. It looks like it would be cool and comfy. I would love this Emillio Pucci top with narrow black pants, a great pair of metallic shoes (and a great coral lipstick) this summer. Truthfully, it would also cover all the right places. Polyvore.

Summer rides to the county are a given in our area, it's where we have the best produce markets along the roads. I can't get over how much this model looks like my mom way back when. I will have to show this to my dad. Photo image from Vogue ~ Karen Radkai.

The tomato capital of Canada is Leamington, Ontario. A beautiful small town along Lake Erie where the Heinz head office is located and only about 30 minutes away. We are located in the most southern point of Canada so the region has a well-established wine region as well. The southern climate is perfect for producing delicious tomatoes and vino. They now have miles and miles of greenhouses, but many regional farmers still grow tomatoes the old way too. I love toasted tomato sandwiches all summer long. I just use Weight Watcher bread and low-cal mayonnaise. It's still delicious. Photo from Cooking Light via Southern Accents.

We have wonderful asparagus farms in our area, everyone waits for the fresh asparagus which we are enjoying right now. I like them oven-roasted best with shaved Parmesan as soon as they come out of the oven. Photo by Alison Harris.

A Pile of Blueberries by Broomhill Pictures at Etsy.

Berry pies to make all summer long. What's the treat on your list?
Remember, I told you mine! Photo by Donna Griffith.

Summer entertaining can be effortless and simple. So can the little produce treats you send home with your guests. Image from Martha Stewart.

All the fresh flavours of summer in a Mango & Radicchio Caprese Salad with a Basil Vinaigrette. Looks so colourful and yummy. I found it at Epicirious, click here to download the recipe.

Photo copyright by Aran Goyoaga ~ Cannelle et Vanille

The best treats for last! Gourmet Ice Creams Treats for everybody. I am in love with the desserts and photography at food blog Cannelle et Vanille. It's a new blog (for me anyways, she is quite popular) that I finally browsed on the weekend and you will adore her well-balanced palette. Click here for the recipe for Sweet Plums and Savory Tarragon Ice Cream. Sweet and Savory, how luscious. The recipes and the blog.

Copyright Image of Aran Goyoaga ~ Cannelle et Vanille

Click here for Aran's recipe for Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie & Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. This is food styling at it's best, love how she wraps up these cool sandwiches.

Photo by Daniel Farmer

The perfect ending to a simple summer day.


  1. The May long weekend is always the start of summer in my mind - even when the weather doesn't exactly cooperate. Thanks for these gorgeous images of summer! I'm ready....

  2. The treat on my list are some new summer tops that I found at a shop nearby. One is a kurta tunic which I had been eyeing for some time -
    I am also looking for new red coral lips - and a red swim suit!

  3. Sande-I so want to live in the world you create in every post. Gorgeous images!

  4. Hi Sande!

    What LOVELY temptations…I think I am off to the store to pick up some of those BLUEBERRIES! They look so Yummy! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful summer inspirations! LOVELY AGAIN!

    ~Miss Kris~

  5. These images are too much today Sande .....I can no longer concentrate...I can't decide whether to drive in to town for an ice cream or go for a walk outside! I know which one it should be and I know which one I would rather...xv

  6. Sande~

    What a perfect setting! I can picture you entertaining like Martha but even better. You must make your table setting gorgeous with little hidden treasures. SENSATIONAL, ALL OF IT!
    xoxo Noel

  7. Just discovered your blog! Love it! Thanks for sharing! PS. That Missoni scarf is to die for!

  8. Your photography choices are just so beautiful.
    I feel like I'm reading a luxury interior design magazine when stopping by. Keep up the good work!

  9. Sande,
    These images are glorious. I just had a big exhale at the outdoor bath. From this day on I look forward to Mondays!

  10. You had me at the handful of ice cream cones !
    Then I was swooning over the coral and parasols .. . before I could take a breath, I fell to my knees over the Triple Fudge Ice Cream Sandwiches.
    I need to take a cold shower to recover from
    this post ... .


  11. I so adore that beautiful scarf!!!!

  12. love this many perfect summertime images. thanks for sharing and spreading a bit of summertime inspiration.

  13. hi Sande! you are a super fabulous woman! your eye for style is impeccable. i know i've told you this before, but i'm telling you again. i love those beautiful thongs by Kate Spade, beautiful. i had a wonderful weekend. i hope yours was good too.

    God Bless,

  14. Yep, the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches got me! And the blueberries. Another lovely post!

  15. One can never have too much ice cream, and with all that bike riding that you have been doing, I'm sure you can sneak in a bit more....


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