Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What happens when Stylish Women put their Lovely Heads together

When two lovely bloggers put their lovely heads together and come up with a plan, we all know to listen. Janet at French Blue and Claudia at Paris Apartment are on a get women website owners or bloggers a bit more notice. Janet at French Blue always comes up with fabulous ways to promote other women, she was the one who promoted me to Goddess status not long ago and I adore her, her blog and her website business because I really did feel like a goddess when she was done (and that's a good thing once in a while). I will let French Blue explain her creative idea {click here to read post} and if you leave a comment and are a website business owner, you are entered into a 3 month free advertising giveaway on the mega star of bloggers ~ Paris Apartment. If you haven't visited Paris simply must. Written by author Claudia Strasser, it is one of the top blogs for anyone who loves all things French. NY Times recently listed it as one of the Top 3 blogs to read. So advertising space on her blog could be better than a trip to Paris. Or maybe it might help you get there eventually. Either way, it a gracious offer to share on the part of both bloggers. Now, get going over to French Blue and comment for a giveaway chance.

The Paris Apartment by Claudia Strasser.
Doesn't this look like a delicious read?

Top photo via French Blue/Bottom Photo from Amazon


  1. It is...mine is fairly worn from gazing over 7 over at the pages.
    Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Sande,
    I am bowing to you~~ Thank You* Thank You!!

  3. hi Sande! i love that image of that dress, gorgeous! i have this book on my blog sidebar. i think it is so wonderful to see women support each others business. just Beautiful!

    God Bless,

  4. Such beauty and such positive energy.

  5. Hi Sande, wow this has been a banner day! I am truly humbled and devastated by the love I get from my beautiful blogging friends!
    Yes, I do want every woman to know that she can be successful! Each of us has a place and with so many talented artists it's just a matter of getting the word out. It's my pleasure to offer bloggers with web businesses a bit of free advertising with the giveaway. It's the least I can do to thank you for what you all give me every single day!

  6. Hi Sande,

    Lovely post as usual! I also entered the giveaway for the Paris Apt. ad time! :)

    Wanted to let you know I just "awarded" you a blog award over on my blog!

    I so enjoy reading your posts -- always beautiful!


  7. WHat a wonderful blog world we belong too. I feel so honored and grateful everytime I read your blog posts as well as Claudia and Janets. I'm on my over to re read the post and I love all of the support we all give one another! Great post Sande!
    Oh, and you are a goddess!!! :) I think the Goddess of Class :)

  8. I love her blog! After spending some time in Paris I fell in love with the city, and looking through her images it lets me imagine being there. Plus, it's so wonderful to see people supporting each other!

  9. Oh,Sande, I hope you win! You are so talented and you deserve to be advertised on Claudia's blog!!! People who have never seen your work or your boutique will be blown away...I REALLY mean that!! Everyone that I know who blogs LOVES your style.

  10. It's amazingf what happens.. I love it!

    p.s I need to send get back to you on the paper flowers ;) I finally got my computer up and running from the move and will send you some info soon~
    xoxo Noel

  11. Well I am sad I missed the contest, but I am glad I read the post! I am going to look into these two two lovely ladies venture! Merci!!!


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